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Postby monsoon gecko on Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:13 am

I,m back..5 days without phone or internet…what a line was pulled thru today.ok
Pillows finally arrived from customs (aqis) after sitting on mailing shelf for well over a week.
Can you believe that. ? Lucky I see if they were in the post !….So no danger to Australian
Wrapped small pocket pillows at base and top of Giant cone…25m cord…but couldn’t pick the diff. Everything
seems positive around here these days. Will leave in place.
Does it matter how cord is wrapped..clockwise or anti-clockwise ?
I naturally wind from base up, clockwise direction but mate said anticlockwise = opening , left
clockwise = closing, right……I understand his thinking, from his point of view,
He reported the gifted plaster broadcaster working ok, it was wrapped clockwise.
Does it matter ?
Oh , did get reply from AQIS ladies, thanking for surprise gifts, but as a gov dept, can’t accept gifts.
Next time a letter will suffice. They kept them …good one. !
monsoon gecko


Postby sacred on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:13 pm

josh wrote:Also as you put the Pillows on a electric cord, it is not necessary to have an appliance at he end of the cord, it will do the polarization without anything running :D

Josh, the pillows are amazing! I did as suggested with the power cord and appliances, and where I would normally still feel the energy field of the electricity and keep a healthy distance, all these appliances are now ‘neutralised’ … and dare I say, feel harmonious to be around! :D
forgot to mention some time ago, too that I did the pillow over the mercury in my mouth and felt a tingling almost immediately …. :)
you are such a clever little duck! :D


Postby Lightning on Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:39 pm

Thank you Josh, for keeping your eyes open and posting your good and detailed observations.
Have a Great Day, wherever you are :)


Postby monsoon gecko on Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:36 am

Just completed week at another local school. I gave release time to many classes, taking place of teacher off on annual multi-school musical extravaganza…The Beat.
Classes either made plasterite or played sport… indoor hockey with plastic sticks and puck.
With plasterite , we pillowed the water, plus quite a few drink bottles,
With hockey , after picking teams and revising rules / safety . etc. I mentioned the pillow as energy device. for food water and pain. Gave quick description of contents, then told of other students using at other school after playground accidents.
Needless to say , the pillow was used a few times,…passed around and held by others..,,little kids,, they wack the sh@t out of each other! Shins , arms .hands, etc …only couple of head highs…always a worry…!
and in all cases , pillow worked !…Not one off to the office crying this time ! Witnessed red welt across wrist disappear !
Students are such good guineapigs !….ha ha
monsoon gecko


Postby monsoon gecko on Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:00 am

Ha ha , guinea pig myself…..wasp sting, pain dramatically reduced in about 90 seconds.!
Real quick, compared to 5 or 10 minutes of grinning and bearing it !
Always take my Life Pillow to share when heading out. along with pocket orgonite…oh,
and little magnets in shoes..ha.
From first hand observation, the pillow seems to reverse pain and associated swelling
to an injury if used/applied straight away…from seconds to just a few minutes..
Pillow..such a blessing
Must have something to do with spin reversing on electron level ….shock…..polarity ?Every school and workplace should have one….no, several….ha ha
monsoon gecko


Postby sacred on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:29 pm

I posted on OrgonizeAustralia about using the pillow for a tick bite … helped, and I hope to think of it sooner next time ….
I am very excited/pleased about an incident yesterday ….
I’d been a bit seizure-prone the end of last week … could feel one around Thurs & Fri (I get warnings, feel out of balance) … it came on Sat arvo, so I did my usual (ran to the bedroom, Rescue Remedy, etc) then thought of Josh’s pillow, which was under my pillow so I grabbed it ….. the energy subsided almost instantly! the seizure stopped!! :D
because I do get auras (warnings), I get time to do things that I know help, and can often abort the seizure, but it usually takes a bit longer and it happens differently ….. it eases off slowly …. not within 3 seconds …
I am stoked! the pillow was instantly grounding … felt almost like it created a grounding anchor to deep within the earth …. (the final trigger had been the high-pitched sound of the computer … electricity isn’t my best friend, energetically :| ) …..
Josh, you’re brilliant! & I am very grateful … had I had the seizure, I would’ve lost a day recovering from it, but that didn’t happen!!!!!! :D :D :D


Postby josh on Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:35 pm

Hello Sacred
Thank for this wonderful story, it may help other folks with the same condition, wow!, I dont believe we will never know the extent of the abilities of this device. I am so please it help you, as you go with your day put it on anything and everything, it will re-polarize all around you, and you will find new ways to use it as you just did. If The invention of the Pillow was only for that one instance it would have been worth while
Thank you my dear you did wonderfully


Postby sacred on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:37 pm

amazing stuff, Josh ….. amazing results ….
I pillowed the power points and electrical appliances as you’d suggested some time ago, and noticed I didn’t feel the electrical ‘aura’ that almost repels me from getting too close to them … it definitely neutralised that prickly feeling of electricity that I sense …
I’ve been recommending orgonite (& your pillows) to people who have been contacting me for flower remedies … instead of flower remedies! :)
seems I’m addicted … :oops: 8-) :D


Postby josh on Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:32 pm

Another piece of good news: My neighbor is a radio operator in one of the Green Peace ships he just came back with a nasty infection under a bridge in his mouth, back and forth to the dentist, lost of pain and antibiotics and waiting, He just called me to say that, as he was undoing his baggages, he found his Pillow that I had made for him before he went on the ship, so since nothing else was working he put the Pillow on his face, he said that in a few minutes the pain was gone :o :o :D :D :D
This is indeed good news


Postby Spirit Walker on Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:22 pm

I’m not surprised by some of these revelations myself… :) I continue to use my pillow for/on everything and anything. I cut my finger pretty good the other night, instantly pressed it against pillow, almost no bleeding or pain, healed in 3 days completely. Burned my finger on a candle flame, pillow stopped pain almost instantly, no swelling or discoloration, gone. I sleep with one on my forehead, usually meditating with it before I conk out, I can instantly go to “zen” mode and just be still and silent, incredible clarity. I touch it to everything I consume, every item I own or come near.
I’ve got various friends coming over in another week for a house warming party and plan to pillow everyone that comes through my door… just because! :) From a couple of the sensitives, I expect some fun to unfold! Going to promote the heck out of them Josh and steer some orders your way! :)
I got to remember to pillow the cats, might just rock their world… lol
Spirit Walker