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Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:14 pm
Steve,thanks for quick reply…to be honest I was expecting to be in the millions..ha ha …largest orgone field I,ve encountered.
This must be the difference of orgonite working on the physical , etheric and astral, compared to the plasterite
going beyond that to influence right up to spiritual…according to the Bovis scale
Josh , looking forward to your chart to help understand this phenomena
Well I,m practically over the physical cleaning…till the next wave …the mystery of plasterite is beginning to unravel
a few more clues…funny, came home the other day to find someone had scratched away at the base of the powerpole
leading off the road to my block…none of the others along the road had been touched…someone is noticing…guess they were looking for Tb’s
Just watch out for giant plaster broadcasters……they pump.
The plot thickens.
monsoon gecko
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Steve on Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:36 pm
I feel like when I dowse Bovis levels on these I’m missing out on a whole other level of energies/frequencies. Perhaps we should be measuring freqs rather than Bovis. Something I need to refine more before I post. MG it could very well be in the millions as I don’t claim to be an expert dowser, just willing to share what I get. Most important thing is YOU sense the energy and the positive changes plasterite brings to your life. It’s amazing that you can sleep with that parked next to your bed bro!
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:25 pm
MG: I love hearing these experiences, thanks for sharing and please, please continue!!! I was wondering the same thing, how you could sleep with that right next to the bed, but then I caught myself, simply because I make everything in my bedroom due to available room constraints, and sleep with lots of active “toys” going all the time. My guess is your vibration is now even higher, and you have adapted to being around them, mostly…   That cleansing / clearing symptoms now starting to abate would testify to your physical having gone a change. Cool!!!
Steve: I have dowsed for years, and Josh taught me to dowse for bovis readings a few years back. Yet I usually really on other sensitivities as well to gauge my creations. I can feel them as they “cook” so to speak, and once done, I usually hold and palm them for a reading. I know what I know, or should say I trust what I believe I know, and find confirmations from others through asking, and with gratitude. Thank you for doing the readings, it helps tremendously to give a better gauge to that internal sensor.   I also think you are right, and wonder what form of scale or measurement would give a more “accurate” read on these creations. Perhaps we may have to make one of our own, simply by asking for “guidance” and allowing that to give us something we can all comfortably use and trust, as real?
One last thought, going back to the marks on the power pole. I had mentioned to another group a “thought” I had about something we are doing with our wraps around a “broadcaster”. Essentially we are piggy backing a different “wave form” onto the existing electrical matrix our countries use, and they are similar. So what is being broadcast, follows back to source of power generation. So my thought was simply this: why not use this idea one more step? Create a conscious link to the broadcaster, and put “intention” behind the wave form going out? A very smart and “talented” man on that group wrote me privately, and said that was a very powerful and potentially dangerous “thought”, if used improperly…. So my “thought” was to use what is “theirs” to allow “this” to be done….
Playing with that “thought”, what might one simple intention be, that universally would be accepted or approved on based on content and intention??? Wake UP!? No Chemtrails? PEACE!? Thy Shalt Not Kill?       If you are familiar with certain techniques or “arts”, creating a consciousness “bubble” is something many can do, and one could place such a thing around the broadcaster, to “communicate” a set command or list of commands that run indefinitely, and may not be changed or tampered with… this can even be accomplished via dowsing commands as well. Just wondering out loud….
Spirit Walker
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:58 am
yo…Profound stuff Tony… can see that working with correct techniques…just awsome !
Would like to learn….darn …back to school ..ha
Sleeping..can’t go to bed early…waste of time ! Enjoy my home brew , vortexed and pillowed and prayered. then
orgonite charged during fermentation..Lights too…yum…..only 300 grams of sugar compared to 1 kilo for full strength.
So you can’t really get pissed…just cruising . I enjoy late nights, but can wake early if needed, quite refreshed.
The benefits of orgonite…and now plasterite…kind of like a new learning curve….and being “entertained ” by the increasing steepness of that curve.
Well , 2 schools booked this week so far, more kids making plasterite…one class is trannies and year 1… should be fun …… 5 and 6 year olds….anklebiters ha ha
I,m just grateful for my situation being able to share this treasure . with a minimum personal cost…a couple hundred $
for couple hundred students…….best freebie for them ever !!! Maybe they’ll catch on..
The more the merrier. !
monsoon gecko
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:04 am
Today was Christmas, I just received two traffic cones 36 inches long, it likely will take 2 bags of plaster for filling one of those, so just to make sure I order 12 bags…..will be picked up Monday….36″ are big cone, they will be hard to move around, I dont think I will be sending those true the mail       , they will however be gifted to the one that will accept to become the keeper of one of those giant, when we put it in the car we will have to put a seat belt on it
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:57 am
G’day all….well the giant plaster broadcaster with 40 wraps of extension cord finally toned down That is , it took about a week to get used to this huge orgone field…of course it’s still pumping but I can tune in and out at will. was a 25 metre
cord. Had 4 days teaching last week…..that’s 4 different classes making plasterite Tb’s and Hhg’s.. Student’s really love it. The 5 year old anklebiters were cool …they won’t forget me in a hurry.. after pouring we “played ” with glass prisms, magnifying glasses and diffraction lenses…rainbows galore ! A few budding scientists ? In other classes I noticed even the feral kids toned down for the day Bonus !
Town run yesterday…So yesterday and today, delivered and set up 3 plaster broadcasters in town. This morning greeted by sylphs spreading right across Darwin….magnificent..said hello and sent praise. Then off to beach for a bit of shell collecting.
After about 3/4 of an hour a pile of young aboriginal kids , curious, came down to check me out and find out why I was collecting shells..Mum came down too. I told them I was going to make energy generators with them and gave mum a pendant orgonite that I keep in my pocket. They started collecting for me I left the bucket and went back up to the car, bringing back 10 little pocket orgonites to gift. Each kid got one and were excited…I left feeling good with a bucketfull of shells ! … C01375.jpg
Divine arrangements seem to be the norm these days ……remember grattitude….. on a winner !
monsoon gecko
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:33 am
G’day all… well the large plaster broadcaster with 40 wraps of the 25m extension cord has finally toned down… That is ,it took about a week to acclimatise to the huge energy field. Of course it’s still there but I can tune in and out now at will.
Ha ha ..I don’t have to shut it down..! Persistance despite physical cleansings Had 4 days teaching last week….that’s 4 classes making plasterite Tb’s and Hhg’s
The 5 year old anklebiters really had fun day….they wont forget me in a hurry…after pouring, we “played” with magnifying glasses, glass prisms and defraction lenses…rainbows galore ! Even in the other classes, the “ferals” toned down for the day.
Blessings and bonus ! !
Weekend town run ..delivered and set up 3 plaster broadcasters at friends’ places

Greeted by sylphs covering whole of Darwin this morning…greeted and praised them, then off to beach for a bit of shell collecting….after about half hour, a pile of little aboriginal kids came down to check me out and ask why I was collecting shells , along with one of the mums. I told her i was using them in energy generators and pulled out an orgonite pendant that I carry in my pocket. Gifted her it. Kids started collecting shells too, so I left bucket , went to car and returned with 10 little
pocket orgonites…they all got one and were excited …I left beach feeling happy with a full bucket of shells
Divine arrangements seem to become norm these days…..offering grattitude , a great technique. !
monsoon gecko
Re: Plaster orgonite
by SandAndSun on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:02 pm
Thank you for the wonderful post. It took me a while, but here we go, my first batch of plasterite…
Finally, my last part for a plasterite was purchased today (18 inches) traffic cone and a plaster of paris – 12 lb. Sand came from a local beach, as well as some stones and seashells. Filtered Water was charged with shungit for 5 days. Some stones were crashed (sprinkled with some Rescue Remedy, thanks for the solution   ) others were whole.
Here is a list of the ingredients: himalayan Salt, cinnamon, chilly pepper, cardamon, honey; few coral, garnet, cat’s eye, carnelian and ametrine beads; 2 larger tibetan lemurian quartz crystals, and 7 small lemurian crystals; sodalite, shungit stones, the rest are powdered/crashed: peridot, green mica, lapis, garnet, malachite, azurite, tiger eye, turquoise, rose quarts, pyrite yellow sulphur, verdite, amazonite, howlite, green fluorite, clear calcite and amethyst. I also added some selenite crystal points and some blue color to the mix.
Final creations are drying up, feels hot to the touch, will see how long it will take to harden…
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Re: Plaster orgonite
by SandAndSun on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:06 pm
And here are 2 final creations, drying up now…
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Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:35 am
Wow, this is a big effort for a first, I am impressed, wonderful combination of ingredients, you could almost taste them, very good work, that cone will be singing quite high, wow! wow! wow! thank you for a beautiful creation, you are now a pro!!!