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Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:35 pm
Hello Sacred
You can charge your devices as they are hardening to sit whatever intentions you like, or frequencies, or sounds, but as you work with the Orgonite you find a degree of consciousness in it that quite unusual: it will respond to your intents, for example if you find yourself in a situation where you need a lot of Orgonite and you do not have enough with you, may be just one piece, you can ask the Orgonite to link it self with of the other Orgonites creations in the world and you will have just that , you see they are all connected in a real way, as well you can ask your Orgonite to turn it self off and it will do that, so you have with the Orgonite a device that is very conscious on many levels
Re: Plaster orgonite
by MariaT on Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:03 pm
Help, please. I’ve made 2 plasterite items – a pyramid and a larger piece in a glass vase about 19cm (7.5in) high. The good news… the pyramid demoulded quite easily. The bad news? I cannot get the plasterite out of the vase which has cracked despite being made of quite thick glass. Any suggestions?
I’d also appreciate some feedback on the energy put out by my creations – as yet I do not feel the energy.
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Re: Plaster orgonite
by sacred on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:06 pm
MariaT wrote:The bad news? I cannot get the plasterite out of the vase which has cracked despite being made of quite thick glass. Any suggestions?
Maria, I’m new to orgonite myself, but thought I’d share (if it hasn’t already been mentioned, and you may already know   ) that as plaster hardens it gets very hot, so I’m not surprised the thick glass has broken. I used to make plaster molds for ceramics, so came across that then. Maybe if any thick glass molds were heated, they wouldn’t crack so easily? In making molds (for ceramics), I’d put the plaster on the outside of the item, not inside as in making plasterite orgonite, so I didn’t have the expansion issue that seems to be happening.
this information may be extremely useless … hope not, though …
I like the energy of the one that is out of the mold … it feels clear and clearing …
& thanks, Josh, for your reply to my question ..
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Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:40 pm
Steve to the rescue please   , tell those beautiful people an energy reading on the devices
Maria T, I am have the same problem with the glasses (vases) that I have been using 4 out of 5 have cracked with the plaster inside, for yours it will be easy to undo, just make sure to ware GLOVES, the chard are long and sharp, you may have to give the glass a little help the a blunt object
And your creations are beautiful, can you see how easy it could be for the children to do
Good work
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:16 pm
Those are gorgeous!!! Truly!!! I too have broken one glass mold, uh, make that three, now that I count truly… lol   One large one. I got one creation out of the mold, I’m using it to charge a bottle of water right now….   I’m not sure what my final product may look or feel like, but I just tried using my first plasterite charged water in creating a new batch. I am going to buy some turtle car wax or such shortly and tippy toe into using a glass piece as a mold. The short 4 ounce glass I used in my first try was a perfect size of sorts, and it shattered that glass quite easily. Oh well.   Plastic bowls from the dollar store seem to be working well too, don’t require any release agent it seems.
Just in playing with finished pieces, I can really “feel” the energy expand when 2 or more pieces are brought together, often feeling that change of pressure in a room sensation, ears popping or closing. I had three stacked and it was incredible to feel how strong that was, and it was intense. This is fun, easy, cheap, and hasn’t been cluttered with big definitions yet. I could see a slightly yellowish thickness to the water I sat on a piece for 2 days, that I used in making these latest pieces that are drying. So testing just what this new form called plasterite and discovering it usages is unlimited as well.
That pyramid piece really rocks. What I found helps in sensing the energy is the brisk hand rub first, then the push/pull with palms facing, until you can sense your own energy field easily. Once that is done, just slow passes above the piece should give you a pressure or “something” to key in on. Once you find shell/field, you can tune in with hand or intention, and check out what is coming from it, on a personal visceral level with your energy body. Thanks for sharing!
Spirit Walker
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Steve on Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:03 pm
Hi MariaT,
On the vase 142,000 Bovis and the pyramid about 75,000 Bovis. This compares very favorably to orgonite pieces in the same size range. The most important thing though is for you to try sensing the energy from the pieces you make. Try to get as quiet/meditiative as you can internally and then place both hands around the piece and see if you can pick up a little buzz in your hands from them.
Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:56 am
WOW Maria, That pyramid photo has a aura around it’s apex. Nice one.!
Luckily, none of my glass moulds have cracked yet..touch wood ..ha
Today, just finish pouring giant traffic cone plaster orgonite…almost a metre tall !
Found it sitting on the side of the road…..bonus !
It took just over 20 kg bag of plaster and contained many asscention stones… < the synergy
of twelve from the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian > in the first 1/3.
Originally purchased < expensive collection indeed ! > for orgonite but never felt motivated
to use till now. Also included 5 large lemurians and a large Aussie smokey quartz, plus a mix
many small gems / crystals as from previous post. Also some local beach sand and copper
powder. Can hardly wait to unvail tonight or tomorrow morning….still hot.
Have photo documented materials and stages to share via photobucket at later date.
Hey Josh…this time didn’t have the heart to crush any crystals…this one seemed special ,
even though I got the Rescue Remedy from Sacred.
Maybe next time …..Regards all. Yo
monsoon gecko
Re: Plaster orgonite
by MariaT on Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:35 am
Thanks, you guys, for your comments, help and advice. Very encouraging. I must say plaster is certainly easier and more pleasant to work with compared to polyester resin, which is what I use for my orgonite pieces.
So… nothing for it but to break open the vase? Hmmm… wish me luck.
I did take Josh’s advice and used car wax and a silicon spray but obviously not enough, lol.
Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:14 am
I also Maria use much wax and release agent buy they broke anyway.
Looking forward to see the cone pictures         , My cone is being painted   , in a day or so I should be able to take pictures
Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:11 am
Good point Monsoon!!! I meant to mention it myself, but if you look at the apex of that pyramid…… I see glow!!!! Can touch my finger to “it” and really get a jolt!!!! Way to go Maria, it came out gorgeous and functional!!!
Spirit Walker