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Testimony Vine plant in Cotes du Rhône Domaine Monier Perreol

Testimony Vine plant in Cotes du Rhône Domaine Monier Perreol, biodynamic, Aop Saint Joseph Control 
vine plant compared to a vine plant which was energized under a pyramid before planting.
We can observe the new shoot, much longer, while the growth on the control plant hardly appears yet, a representative photo of the test taken on the same date and test on dozens of plants planted on the same day.


Pyramid and resonance 
In the video beside you can see a resonance test with pyramids made of glass. Mr Emoto explains well that the form is very important to be able to obtain effects of resonances. Not all shapes resonate as much. Not all forms allow resonance over time. Some shapes are more suitable than others for optimizing resonances.
It appears from his little experience that the pyramid shape is particularly optimal for resonance.
This can partly also explain the exceptional powers of the pyramids and the importance of using a homogeneous and continuous material for the structure.
John Stuart Reidis a researcher specializing in the field of sound and resonance. I had the chance to meet him in 2012 among speakers during his presentation at the “Eternal Knowledge festival”.
He was lucky enough to be able to make scientific measurements in the king’s chamber of the pyramid with sophisticated measuring devices. He thus testified to me that he was able to discover a strong resonance with the frequency of 432 hz in the chamber of kings and the sarcophagus! 432 Hz is a very special frequency. See also my page on the subject at
When he performed his experiments in 1996 he had a serious problem with back pain. During his experience with the resonance of sound in the chamber of the pyramid, with 432 hz in particular, he testifies to having observed an almost instantaneous healing. When he came out of the pyramid he no longer had pain in his back.

Amplification of the powers of a pyramid
The powers of a pyramid are greatly amplified in simultaneous use with the work of sound, music, sound resonances and also magnetism, magnetic fields, magnets and antennas.
Thus we regularly observe healings which sometimes seem spectacular with the use of sound, magnetism and pyramids together.
The use of pyramids on garden plots equipped with electroculture techniques further increases the results. I was able to experience this by comparing the growth of vegetables with the use of magnetic antennas with and without a pyramid.

An electricity generator pyramid

A pyramid can also be used as an electricity generator. A bit like a solar panel that transforms solar energy into electricity, a pyramid probably transforms still little known energy into electricity, day and night.
Several experiences and testimonies demonstrate this. A simple experiment with 2 copper coils in the shape of a spiral connected to an electric capacitor already allows to demonstrate this mysterious property of electricity production.
We have not yet made ready-to-use chain generators, but the potential is indeed there to observe the promising experiences in the field.
The effects are measurable by a basic college student with a voltmeter and a bit of handyman talent. Why not you?
Some are still in the belief stage or not, others are simply doing, experimenting, thinking, editing and exploring the possibilities. Too bad for the planet that there are still too few people taking action and too many people blabbing at their skeptical beliefs that poison their own minds and those around them. 
Some movements like those of Frank Mac or some satanic currents use
the symbol and knowledge of the pyramids to do a lot of harm in this world,
it is certain that like any tool or knowledge, it can be misused,
it is a bit like a glass,
you can put the best live drinks in it,
like kefir, wines or beers reputed to be brewed by monks,
where you can put industrial piquette and foul drinks that poison.
Like a sharp knife you can use to cut bread or hurt others.
This is not our choice if you explore this page?
So let’s choose to use the pyramids for the best.
In any case, I wish you much happiness
with the exploration of the effects of the pyramids,
a discipline that brings together science, physics, art, spirituality and nature
that creates bridges between all the cultures of this world,
for a bright future of energies in abundance,
health and well-being in peace and harmony.
On this subject, which departs from electroculture, I invite you to discover the page of the site dedicated to this application:

Concept greenhouse wigwam in a pyramid. 
This principle makes it possible to optimize the space of the greenhouse in relation to the pyramid. It also makes it possible through the spherical shape to obtain a minimum volume to be heated per unit area while having a large cultivation area. Such a greenhouse 5 m in diameter in a pyramid could be enough to feed 3 to 5 people a year with fruits and vegetables. When you know that a potato plant in a pyramid can produce 40 to 80 potatoes, sometimes even more. You only need about 40 plants to have enough harvest for the year to feed the whole family. This corresponds to a plant every 50 cm along the sides of the pyramid, then you still have all the interior space to grow a variety of vegetables in summer and winter.
The energy that circulates in a wigwam greenhouse is quite different than a conventional greenhouse.
From the first moments we experience a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Plants benefit just like us.
The wigwam and pyramid greenhouse is available as a kit, or it can be delivered and assembled.
Photo right : Wigwam greenhouse built below a copper tube pyramid. the pyramid is 5.35 m in diameter.
The greenhouse is 5 m in diameter.
Photos of a wigwam greenhouse installed in Alsace and one installed near Arlon in Belgium.