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The effects of the pyramids for agriculture, the garden and the well-being

The effects of the pyramids
for agriculture, the garden and the well-being

Pyramids for the garden and agriculture
Photo in the header : Yannick Van Doorne in front of the greenhouse in the shape of a large glass pyramid in the botanical garden of Sydney, Australia, January 2013. On the right, energy vision test with the Nev system of Harry Oldfield, during a visit to his home in England in September 2012, Yannick poses with an agnihotra plaster pyramid. We can see the very powerful energy field emanating from the pyramid.
On the middle photo of the pyramid greenhouse, we can see an energy ball at the head of the pyramid. This is a real photo and this energy field is so strong it can be seen in the photo.
This page aims to inform you of the different possibilities with the pyramids for mainly agriculture and the garden, and secondarily some other applications that can be very useful, such as for energy, health and well-being.
When a farmer or a gardener calls me and tells me he wants to test electroculture but tells me that he does not have much means, then I suggest that he use a pyramid. The investment is minimal and the results can be huge, especially on an entire farm scale!
A pyramid can be used for:

  • energize seeds
  • fertilize hectares of land
  • preserve food
  • help the health of animals, chickens, …
  • energize water, wine, food
  • meditation aid
  • stimulate elimination and purification
  • increase the vitality of a place
  • generate electricity
  • neutralize radioactivity
  • transmute elements
  • generate negative ions
  • generate frequencies
  • communication tool
  • health and well-being
  • purify the surrounding air
  • clean chemtrails in the atmosphere
Boosting Seeds
Applying Boosting Seeds is the easiest and most effective way for a farmer to use pyramids to boost the fertility of their land. Some testimonials speak of doubling the harvest, others easily increase their harvest by 30 or more with this simple gesture.
In addition, it is discreet, you just need to install a pyramid in the shed, for example, and let these seeds stay there for a few days or weeks before sowing them in the field.The seeds take on a particular energy, increase in vitality and germinate much better. Their growth is improved and generally they become more resistant to diseases, water stress, drought or climatic stress. The testimonials speak of better quality and conservation too.
Below are some photos of tests that each farmer can do in a few days to see the effects on their own on seed germination.
After these tests, which we can do ourselves in passing, would we still be in the “belief” that it is possible or not or are we going to apply it and reap the benefits, for us, our crops, our children. and nature. For those who want “scientific” evidence, rest assured that official research organizations will do nothing to help you on this subject, except denigrate anything that can be an alternative to pesticides and fertilizers.
The test of the photos on wheat germination was carried out at the end of September 2014 at a farmer in France. The wheat seeds have spent only a few days in the pyramid shown in the photo. We can observe the witness pile next to the pyramid.
These are ancient techniques, still today some Mayan tribes go every year in spring with their seeds to the top of the pyramids to energize them.

Plan pyramid proportions

Organic corn field with seeds treated under the pyramid
Here are some photos of an organic corn field whose grains have stayed a few days under a pyramid. The photos are from the end of August 2014. It is already the second year (2014) that he is a Breton farmer using the pyramid. The results are getting bigger and bigger. For more than 10 years ago he had been trying to cultivate corn for silage, but the crops were very poor.
Today, since he uses the pyramid, the results are impressive and these harvests easily exceed those of neighboring conventional fields. All this on land that was initially not very fertile, with almost no organic fertilizers and no pesticides, while some neighboring conventional fields have great land but much leaner crops.
He measured 2 to 4 ears per plant. The idea that the harvest is determined by the genotype or the genes of the plants is here too send to oblivion, because it is the same varieties as before, except that here it has treated them with a pyramid. There is no need to buy expensive, industrial varieties made to consume fertilizers and pesticides, when you can do a lot better with less.

Corn field whose seeds are treated under a pyramid

Scientific research on the effects of pyramids

Right: introductory video on scientific research into the effects of pyramids on plants.
Below is a 41-minute video presenting several conclusive scientific studies of the effects of pyramids on plants and microorganisms.
Texas thesis from 2017 on the comparative effects of a wooden and copper pyramid on the germination of bean seeds.

Pdf of the summaries of the scientific papers described in this video: PDF powerpoint effects of pyramids on plants.



Download the file


The experiences of farmer Charles Hubbard, Canada, in Nova Scotia
Video right : In the video you can watch the potato harvest from a potato plant planted in a corner of a copper tube pyramid in Charles Hubbard’s garden. in Nova Scotia in Canada. He has several pyramids in the garden, and each has a plentiful harvest every year. The record is measured here is 124 potatoes on a plant, it was September 17, 2011.
I had the chance to meet Charles Hubbard and participate in one of these courses concerning these techniques that he applies in his closed on June 10, 2010 at the North American Convention of Geobiologists. He is an exceptional man. Here is a photo of his presentation during the workshop on the left.
Charles Hubbard draws his inspiration here from the techniques explained in the book by Les Brown, a Canadian who wrote a little book about these experiences in the garden with the pyramids in the seventies. His book “the pyramid” is a reference for those who wish to use pyramids in the garden and in agriculture. I will take care of translating it as I go to share the most interesting information with you on this site and in the courses.
In the video you can see two kinds of pyramids. One with a wooden frame or is also laid a copper wire all along.The solution of the wooden frame allows it to be less expensive than a copper tube while maintaining satisfactory effects. However, the copper tube pyramid still seems more powerful given the records of harvests observed.
The large pyramid with the greenhouse is made of copper tube identical to the copper tube kit presented on this site.
This passage was also filmed to be part of a report on alternative agricultural techniques which will be released soon, where we also talk about electroculture and communication with plants. It promises to be one of the most interesting documentaries on the subject.
Charles Hubbard Pyramid garden

Photos from internships, workshops and conferences. 2011-2013
You can see pyramids made of copper tube, nylon and copper wire and plasterite.



Download the file

Above: Download and read Les Brown’s book “The Pyramid”.
The Canadian Les Brown was among the greatest sources of inspiration for many experimenters around the pyramids. He has had practical experiences and testifies to real things that he has lived.
He is the author of the little book which is a reference for those who want to know how to use a pyramid very practically in his garden and in everyday life.
This book “The Pyramid” was released in 1978 in the Toronto area.
I had the good fortune to meet a few like Alan Reed and Charles Hubbard who knew Les Browns during his lifetime. Unique encounters rich in sharing and knowledge. This heritage, I share it with you so that you too can benefit from the benefits of the pyramids.
Les Brown made these pyramids and advises him to do it in copper for the best results on plants, in the garden, vegetable patch and even for all other uses.

Germination of seeds with a pyramid.
Testimony April 2014Testimony of P. Darcillon. : Seedlings of tomato plants under the pyramid on the right, about 14 cm, the control plants on the left outside the pyramid about 8 cm. It’s clear.Tip: Plant your seedlings under a pyramid! Germination is generally faster and plants are stronger. 
Imagine a farmer who processes these big bags, trailers or bags of seeds in a pyramid in his barn a few days before going to plant. The results can be very big. Some farmers are already doing this. One day a few years ago, at one of my conferences, a farmer came to see me at the end of the conference and said: “you know, treating seeds with a pyramid, we have been doing it for years already”, and he m ‘confirmed to have good results.
A farmer who had struggled to obtain satisfactory corn harvests in Brittany for years, tested a copper pyramid spring 2013. I learned that he had his best harvest for 10 years! He couldn’t believe those eyes. He didn’t think a pyramid could have such effects.
It is no coincidence that I hear stories like this regularly.
Farmers often think they know everything about their crops, their land, their techniques, because they have been nose in the handlebars for years and years and have always done so, even for generations sometimes. In addition, they are very often poorly advised by agrochemical technicians and research centers who exploit them and advise them to use their techniques of using consumables … of fertilizers and pesticides which only impoverishes them. and enrich the agro-industry to the detriment of all.
So when they try out a new technique they’ve never heard of, it often seems “inconceivable” or impossible to them. Yet it is enough to test to see, right! A test on seedlings takes you a few days to a few weeks only ….
Video testimonial summer 2018: Comparison of sunflower heads, between a series of plants whose seeds have been energized under a copper pyramid and a control batch. By comparing the size of an average head of each batch, we observe a clear difference in the size of the heads or flowers of sunflowers and therefore of the total harvest which has increased enormously.


Testimonial test pyramid on potatoes
Garden in Stotzheim, Alsace, France. 2011 
After returning from a conference and meeting trip around pyramids, geobiology, free energy and electroculture in Canada , I decided to do this little test, although it is already too late in the season to plant potatoes to be able to hope a satisfactory harvest. There are still the natural cycles of plants to respect before anything else.
Potato plants are subjected in a pyramid for 2 days. They were planted very late in the season, which is not optimal for a potato plant, which usually results in not much. Here is the test.
First photo: Treatment June 4, 2011. 6 plants in a pyramid for 2 days and 6 untreated control plants.
Second photo: Measure July 24, 2011 . A first plant is observed in front with the meters of the control group, height about 20 cm, and at the rear the height of the plants of the pyramid group of about 80 cm. All 6 plants were equally large in the pyramid group and just as small in the control group.
Third photo: Harvest September 21, 2011 . On the left 4 potatoes from a control plant. Right 22 potatoes from a plant having undergone 2 days of treatment under the pyramid before planting.
That same year Charles Hubbard of Canada harvested as many as 137 potatoes from a plant that grew its lifespan in the energy of a pyramid.
Since this test above, several farmers told me that they obtained excellent harvests following a treatment of their seeds by a pyramid. You just have to place the seeds, bags and big bags for a few days (or even several weeks if the weather allows it) in a pyramid and then simply sow them as usual. This can be done in the sheds at farmers’ homes. 
A Russian specialist on pyramids, Mr Uvarov, gave me a testimony from a farmer who treated stones in a pyramid for two weeks and then spread them in these fields. He was able to double, or even more, his harvest of sunflowers and beets.
In Central America,Even today, some Mayan Indians still go every year with their seeds on the pyramids for better harvests . It is an ancestral technique that we have forgotten nowadays but which works very well. The results attest to this and what “official” scientists do not understand does not matter and simply demonstrates the degree of ignorance and dogmatism of current official science.
Pyramids are an effective solution to many agronomic needs. Farmers can benefit greatly and thus improve their harvests, crop health, their well-being as well as their finances, thanks to the use of pyramids. In addition it does not cost much considering the results that

Here is the result of a pyramid test of potato plant dynamization
at a farmer, Mr Lecarpentier
On the left harvesting control potatoes
On the right harvesting potatoes whose plants were boosted under a copper pyramid before planting.
In this test example, the result is not impressive but still not negligible.
A pyramid is an interesting crop improvement tool for a ridiculous investment, it would be wrong to do without it.
While knowing that in general the results are much greater still. 





Testimony of brooding chicken eggs
Testimony of the effects of a copper pyramid on a brooding of golden Alsace hen eggs (endangered species)
Some photos of the practical use of pyramids in agriculture 
Pyramids are generally used for:

  • Energize seeds (main application very effective and can bring extraordinary results)
  • Energize and increase the effectiveness of treatment products
  • Boost and increase the effects of amendments and fertilizers
  • Reduce or neutralize the polluting or harmful side effects of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Bring the pyramid effect on hectares of fields by charging pyramid energy from sand, earth, soil amendments or fertilizers
  • Boost the treatment, watering and irrigation water.
  • Boost animal feed, food supplements, salts or other substances such as care products.
  • Harmonize all substances, seeds and plants with local places.
  • Increase the vitality, the vital energy of all the substances, seeds and amendments diffused in the fields

Market gardeners and farmers with a few to hundreds of hectares of crops thus see their results and income increase significantly with the simple use of a copper pyramid.
Once you’ve tested it, you see the results, you approve it and you can’t do without it. Because why earn less when you can earn more while preserving the environment, increasing harvests, results and above all quality!


Energize rock powders and pebbles in a pyramid,
then spread on your land. 
Here’s what can happen when you put energized paramagnetic basalt rock for a few days in a copper pyramid.
You can also use any sand or gravel to energize it in a pyramid and then spread it on the earth, however a paramagnetic rock like certain basalt or lava still brings a significant advantage. Its antenna properties by paramagnetism can greatly increase the energy load to stimulate soil fertility.
Photo 1: On the right 2 rows of kidney beans with 1kg of basalt per square meter, on the left without basalt. (test done in summer 2013 in my neighbor’s garden).
The nice anecdote is that my neighbor complained about the poor results obtained with the soil in his garden. So I offered him a few bags of basalt that I had previously stored in a copper tube pyramid. A few weeks later he calls me to show me these results in his vegetable garden and here are the photos!
Photo 2 : On the left, 2 rows of carrots with basalt, on the right, 2 rows without basalt. the photo speaks for itself!
Another testimony is that of a cut from a farmer-breeder in Brittany. For more than 10 years he had not been able to obtain satisfactory crops of corn to feed these animals.I advise him to equip himself with a pyramid and to put their seeds in it a few days before sowing them. It was spring 2013. This year was not a good year for Maize, many grain farmers did not have good harvests because of the unfavorable weather conditions. I learned in the fall at the harvest that the farmer in question had had his best harvest for 10 years, this simply by having energized the corn seeds in the pyramid before!
Forget fertilizers, put basalt in a pyramid and spread it in the garden, in the fields. Yannick Van Doorne.


Pyramid with the golden ratio or the Nubian pyramid 
It is a pyramid more pointed than the classic pyramid that we know as in Egypt or in the world. we also find this form of pyramid in the whole world and for example in Upper Egypt or Sudan. It also has important properties to energize seeds and even act on the entire environment. We find similar effects with the other pyramids, however the pyramid with the golden ratio seems to act even more on the environment in the broad sense of the term. It seems to act more on purifying the air, the local climate, cleaning up the chemtrails and balancing or bringing harmony to the whole environment.
Being able to influence the weather with a pyramid may seem like miraculous or pull by the horse to some. It is clear that we do not yet understand all the mysteries of how the pyramids work. What is certain is that the pyramids leave no one indifferent and that the mysterious stories and the observations of exceptional or unusual effects on plants, weather, health or even the environment in the presence of pyramids are very currents.
Photo: You observe a working group during a course on pyramids and electroculture. In the foreground there is a pyramid with the golden ratio and in the background a copper tube pyramid with classical proportions. During this internship we were able together to repel a thunderstorm that was threatening, stop the rain that was starting in a few minutes and clear the sky.
It is called pyramid with the golden number by what we very easily find the golden number in its proportion, the length of the edge is the length of one side multiplied by the golden number of 1.618. However, we also find the proportion of the golden ratio in the great classical pyramid but it is a little more complex to show because it is in the perpendicular section crossing the sides and the point.




Testimony of J. Guirand of his use of a copper pyramid in the garden
Sector: South of France (2016) 
He testifies: About 15 good potatoes per plant.
Vigorous and shiny foliage, deep green almost bluish?
No watering and we see the potato plants very green under the pyramid compared to the vegetation around yellow withered from the drought.
For carrots, radish, turnip we see each time an example of under the pyramid compared to the control.
Discover here some photos that speak for themselves.
carottes-temoin-et-sous-pyramide_orig.jpg  navet-pyramide-avec-et-sans_1_orig.jpg  navet-pyramide-avec-et-sans-feuillage_1_orig.jpg  navet-temoin-et-sous-pyramide_orig.jpg  navet-temoin-et-sous-pyramide-en-main_orig.jpg  pommes-de-terre-sous-pyramide-guirand_orig.jpg  pommes-de-terre-sous-pyramide-resistant-secheresse_orig.jpg  radis-temoin-et-sous-pyramide_orig.jpg  recolte-moyenne-15-grosses-pommes-de-terre-par-plant-sous-pyramide_ori.jpg

Testimony of a pyramid test on strawberry and garlic plants.

Here is a small video of a beautiful testimony from Andrea Andrew Donnoli from Italy. He uses a copper pyramid found on this site to energize these strawberry and garlic plants. We notice a clear advance in growth of the potted plants under the pyramid compared to the plants around.
Video from February 17, 2019 .