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Recognizing an important biological effect of electric or magnetic waves would call into question the entire modern belief system underlying conventional chemical and GMO agriculture

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Solution 4: Solution to Asian hornets 
By searching a little on the internet we now find many types of solutions for Asian hornets. I suggest you discover, experiment and then share those that would work best.
A muzzle at the entrance to the hive, an anti-stress protecting the bees from the Asian hornet.
The muzzle solution seems to me very ingenious and stemming from a beekeeper who is a fine observer of nature. The inventor is the beekeeper André Lavignotte.
This Béarnais beekeeper who owns around twenty beehives in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) has become a discreet mouthpiece but committed to gentler methods to coexist with the Asian hornet, Vespa velutina. He thus developed a muzzle. This mesh mesh large enough to let bees out, but too narrow to let hornets in, protect the workers when they place themselves on their flight board, at the entrance of the hive, a favorite place for predator attacks. . “I haven’t lost a beehive for several years! » , Rejoices André Lavignotte. His observations will no doubt feed one of the scientists’ hypotheses. The researchers suspect that honey bee colonies die not because they are decimated by the hornet, but because they become too stressed to leave the hive. They weaken sharply and do not survive winter or disease.
The problem of the Asian hornet is an additional sign which participates and testifies to a general weakening of bee colonies. This ingenious approach of the beekeeper shows us once again that a fine observation of the behavior of bees and hornets, allows us to better understand nature, and thus to find simple and effective solutions. With this approach there is no need for state researchers paid millions of euros to partition offices and labs to approve or confirm what we find by ourselves in the field between people in the field. Once you understand this, you can solve many problems in agriculture with the people on the ground in the field, by mobilizing only its own resources without the need for fortunes from all of us as taxpayers funding official research “gas and consumer factories”. Don’t wait for official research to act and find solutions, otherwise you and your hives have time to die 10 times and go bankrupt. All the solutions are already there in front of our eyes if we want to understand that nature is teaching us at every moment.
Inventor’s Note:
This muzzle helps to save a healthy colony, because with good activity and food.
I will (André Lavignotte) set up a new proto by modifying certain parts of the muzzle, a CAT has taken this work into account.
Good luck because we haven’t finished talking about velutina.
The reason for this protection:
Asian hornets attack bees in front of the hive in stationary to capture and eat them.
As the entrance is unique and on a small radius, therefore by enlarging the entrance for our bees, the Asian hornets can no longer put this stationary pile in front of the entrance, and our bees therefore have more choices for entry into the Beehive.
All the tests are conclusive and our bees avoid Asian hornets, and are no longer trapped by the single small entrance to the hive.
The Asian hornet does not fit into the 6mm mesh, so our bees can then safely enter the hive.
We must save our original bees, in particular our black bee.
here is the email of this invention:
Photos and extract from the inventor’s note from

Manufacture of an anti-hornet muzzle for beehives
You can find many examples and models on the internet by searching with the or certain keywords “hive muzzle bee asian hornet”
Extract and photos from % A2-DIY /
A muzzle is a kind of entrance hall which adds a secure space in front of the hive thanks to a mesh allowing bees to pass but impossible for hornets to cross. This makes it possible to de-stress the bees which will gather more in a “beard” at the entrance, but this does not prevent predation.
Pine with a thickness of 15 mm can be used. The dimensions of the diagram are only indicative, the object can be larger or smaller, the main thing being that it adapts to the dimensions of the hive.
A wire mesh is placed with 6 mm mesh with staples.
We can add wooden lugs underneath to prevent the muzzle from tilting when it is fixed on the hive.
The addition of screws set for a distance of 5.5 mm allows to have the correct spacing during installation without having to measure.
Bees can pass through the top where the space is 5.5mm or through the 6mm mesh.
The muzzle can be varnished or painted.





Waves against the Asian hornet
Each insect has a range of waves or frequencies which are unique to their communication, their metabolism and their vital energy. This can be measured with specific devices. With this knowledge it is possible to find solutions to control insects in a targeted manner.
In theory, it is thus possible to create a relatively simple electronic circuit to emit frequencies unfavorable to the Asian hornet and this in a specific way so as not to disturb other insects. This requires some research and experimentation but it is quite achievable. I have the knowledge but unfortunately not the money to be able to take a lot of time to work more fully on this project. If some people are interested in participating, then we could do it by pooling resources and skills.

The hens
A beekeeper from the Landes thought about it seriously and he found the solution. Hats off, thank you !. When we think a little we often have simple solutions to all the problems that sometimes seem insurmountable. 
The chicken like a gendarme will regulate the traffic in front of the hives and neutralize the Asian hornets. It feeds on it gracefully. How to turn a problem into a food source.
Once again we did not need the millions of euros of research wasted by our incapable public services, a beekeeper, citizen like you and me to sought and found, he testifies to these ideas and his experience in the article:
If you are in the Alsace region, do not hesitate to contact me for hens, because I also breed as a hobby, old local breeds, the golden Alsace hen and the black Alsace hen. Local breeds are often much more adapted to the living, climatic and environmental conditions of the region. Thus the Alsatian hen resists very well to the cold in winter, frankly itches a lot since her young age and knows how to defend herself while being a very nice hen and a little wild. She’s got a hell of a temper and she’s so beautiful.
Here is a small video of the beekeeper, concerning these “chickens”, order service, predators of the Asian hornet 🙂
Solution 4: Place a source of clean water for your bees 
Pesticides accumulated in fields are found in water bottles in fields at concentrations sometimes up to 100 times the lethal dose. The bees that come to drink then die.
It is therefore important to offer the bees around the hives sources of clean water where they can come and drink without any worries.
More info in the article below: les-abeilles-123246268.html
Solution 5: Increase the resistance of bees
by using all possible methods to deal with new attacks.
Unknown problem: the nanotechnological hell that kills bees
Still largely ignored by the public and censored by the media. 
Yet another chemical pollution that kills bees. Progress does not stop.
Nanotechnological fibers that are sprayed in the sky that pollute crops, the air we breathe and infect animals, insects and bees with a disease that affects the skin and respiratory organs. These nanotechnology fibers grow on their own in the presence of light and the organic substances that nourish them.
To my knowledge, a solution has not yet been found to protect against it and to protect the bees. If you know of any, pass the information on, share it and let it know.
The current state powers are doing business as usual, pretending to protect bees while supporting, funding, and authorizing chemicals, GMOs, nanotechnologies that kill and sicken thousands of bees and humans. It is a waste of time not to demonstrate to try to convince your tormentor to be nice. You have to act and find solutions yourself without their help because the state does not help but pushes you down even more. If the state and the funded therefore state funded researchers wanted to help bees, it would long be seen in their decisions. We can see that they have always decided the opposite for years.
Knowing all this, we must find solutions to treat and protect from this new pollution that is nanotechnological hell of fibers that grow and feed on bees and our skin. It is not by ignoring this problem that it will solve itself.
Probably with techniques of electromagnetic waves, electricity or magnetism we can develop a solution, however this has not yet been found.
See this video, the subject of bees begins in the 14th minute of the report.


Some thoughts on public authorities and electroculture 
It seems obvious to me that the public authorities will never seriously invest in electroculture techniques, even if they find proven effective solutions. Their short-sighted interest will rather go to denigrate and neglect these techniques. Why? Quite simply because the simple fact of recognizing the effectiveness of electroculture would call into question the entire agricultural, industrial and health policy, which is based mainly on chemicals, consumables and the supposedly harmless effects of electromagnetic waves from our modern mobile phones and communication systems.Public authorities and research centers thus prefer to ignore, manipulate, or even denigrate any solution that would call into question the system of which they are part, by which they are financed and recognized.
There is a real conflict of interest and collusion between public authorities and industry to the detriment of the general interest, our health and the environment. This maintains orchestrated lies and widespread ignorance for the benefit of pecuniary interests and for the benefit of the power of certain leaders of the state, banks and industrialists.
Recognizing an important biological effect of electric or magnetic waves would call into question the entire modern belief system underlying conventional chemical and GMO agriculture. Everyone has the choice to participate in this system and go with it straight into the wall head down (I can tell you that it can hurt), or everyone can find themselves in the formerly common sense of the peasantry and look for new alternative and sustainable solutions. which work while putting all these prejudices acquired over the years aside.