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Magnetic cosmotelluric antenna

Beeswax magnetic cosmotelluric antennas


Magnetic cosmotelluric antenna : 
It is a device of cosmotelluric antennas which are buried all around the field at specific locations to increase the magnetic and electromagnetic energy of the field in order to participate in fertilization and crop growth. It is a technique suitable for market gardening, horticulture, arboriculture. The service life and operation of the device is more than 10 years.
This technique is suitable for market gardening, vegetable gardens, nursery, horticulture, arboriculture, vines.
Technical protected. Model deposited by Yannick Van Doorne. This technique is protected, not to prevent you from doing it, but so that others, sometimes malicious people, do not prevent us from doing.
Photo on the left : First results with the magnetic beeswax antennas placed in my test garden in 2009. In the photos you can see sunflowers already huge and still growing, the flowers are still forming and finished to measure more than 50 cm in diameter. I measure 1m82, on the photo you observe the sunflower plants measuring more than 3m high. On a test field, this device made it possible to triple the harvest on the cabbage field compared to previous years. Since then, other farmers have also been able to obtain exceptional results thanks to this electroculture technique with my magnetic beeswax antennas.
Photo below :
Left: New magnetic antennas2012, In the middle: antennas and a spade to dig the holes for the locations of the antennas. For large areas, a professional auger is used.
Right: results of a test on cabbage fields, Erstein 2009, we can clearly see the difference in growth between the cabbages with the magnetic antennas and those of the control field.

Some historical photos on electroculture


Photo on the left : Large cabbage obtained without fertilizer but with the Christofleau electromagnetic fertilizer process 
The most promising electroculture applications for farmers and also for gardeners will be put on the site. A bit of patience. In the meantime also visit the other sites on the subject in the links page.
If you are interested in applying electroculture techniques at home,
call me to talk about it and consider the possibilities at 06 88 08 68 94 or write to me at
Photos below
Left : Giant leeks resulting from a test carried out at the office for inventions in the 1920s, now the CNRS.
Right : Sunflower growing in Yannick’s garden equipped with an electroculture device with magnetic antennas. The results were spectacular on the sunflowers, some of the flowers and buds with the seeds had a diameter of more than 50 cm, close to the official world record.
Between: Book on the subject of electroculture, almost untraceable book by the inventor and industrialist Justin Christofleau that we see in the photo exhibiting a plant of exceptional size cultivated with these methods. He sold thousands of these electromagnetic fertilizer devices around the world in the 1920s and 1930s before being the victim of smear campaigns and his death in 1939 which put an end to the development of electroculture in the period between two wars. this photo of the document was found on the priceminister site where someone purchased this document. It would be interesting to find the person to ask him to share copies of the contents of the document, among the oldest and last on the life of Christofleau.