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Interview Shaman Tony Geron

For the final hour of the show I invited ​Tony Geron to join me and enlighten us further about PLASTERITE and it’s properties! A fascinating interview! Tony is an Energy Healer trained in traditional Reiki as a Master / Teacher, and also under the Egyptian Mystery School as a Master / Teacher in Seichim / Sekhem / SKHM (pronounced say-keem), an ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, and a Shaman. Tony has had a lifelong special connection to Nature and Spirits, born with several gifts, he has communed with all forms of life and treats all with reverence. Tony is a father of six children and lives with his beloved partner Sherry, with three kids still at home. Having a keen interest in so many things, Tony has been involved in many free energy related groups online and continues to moderate several groups on Yahoo that share knowledge regarding Energy, Vibration and Frequency. Some years ago, Tony discovered Orgonite and both met and worked with numerous people around the world on projects, eventually both meeting and studying under Shaman Jacques (Josh) Juarez, who is credited with the creation of what some call, Plasterite. Some of his adventures can be found shared on his blog, Thank you Tony….. I hope you return to us very soon!