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Jenny Mortell  is with Trevor Eivers
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About time I wrote a report about the Open Minds Conference in Waterford, over quite a long weekend; Friday to Monday inclusive. Many speakers as usual covering a wide range of topics. It was interesting that nearly half of them came from Britain and even a couple from Austria talking about 5G, talk about cloud-cuckoo land, they want not only 5G but all the Gs, WIfi and mobiles to be done away with. Yes ideally, but is that ever going to happen; unless there is the Doomsday scenario like one of those movies where only about 10 people survive destruction.
It was pretty tiring for me packing up coming and going, but I really enjoyed the Plasterite table element, it’s always great when people come over and start getting enthusiastic when they hear about the potential it has. I particularly enjoyed chatting to one young guy who is in construction and says he does a LOT with plaster; he can hardly wait to get going.

I changed the format a bit this year by having a big bucket full of freebies ‘gifting bags’ – not surprisingly they all went, possibly at the expense of the pieces for sale. But there were quite a lot of sales, I’d say about half got sold. Murielle Celis
‘s pieces were very popular (I owe you money Murielle)

Beforehand there was a lot of hassle from the organisers with the main man Trevor Eivers
being threatened disgracefully by the bunch of loonies including Fiona o’Looney who ‘sikced’ politicians and autistic groups onto Trevor and the Hotel because Clive de Carle was on the speaker’s list, who has I believe been known to talk about MMS which that group hates with a passion. In fact; it seems as though they don’t want any cures for autism at all; just to keep then as they are. But he turned up anyhow and gave an interesting talk on Monday after the Conference ended. I asked one of the organisers on Sunday was he going to speak in the hotel, and I was told he could not as there was the danger that the Gardai might arrest him! And yet the group feel all sorry for themselves and ‘threatened’ when we stand up to them, even if very mildly. I didn’t get any earth shattering photos, but I’ll add a few here; for the record.

I’ve been accused of being a guru groupie, but I am a bit in awe of Jim Corr even though he is very nice and unassuming. I’d never got to speak to him before but my buddy Fintan Mc Donald
just charged over when he was seen standing by himself, and of course I shot over too. We had a nice chat about how he has been targeted for his conspiracy theory beliefs, but he said he’d ‘come back’ whatever that meant. I brought him over to the Plasterite table and asked him to chose a piece, which he insisted on paying for, nice of him. He said he has lots of orgonite but doesn’t feel it doing much.

Just about 8 p.m. on Sunday night I cajoled a nice group of people into joining me into what was hopefully going to be an ‘Affirmation’ this time focusing on fluoridation. We’d listened to a brilliant talk by Walter Graham on the dangers of fluoride. He has said he will help us to get a campaign going again. It was not a quiet meditation as you can hear if you watch the video, there was very loud and energetic Shamanic drumming going on which rattled us a bit – in a good way.

I gave Clive de Carle a lift back to the airport and had a great chat with him, but after an hour I suggested he take a nap as he would surely be tired after all the coming and going, which he did. The day after (Tuesday) I was wrecked but got a lot of tidying up done even so.

In the thick of the threats, Trevor said this would be the last one; he couldn’t cope with any more hassle like that, we hope he changes his mind: It’s not only the talks but meeting lots of people on the same wavelength, instead of the usual social scenario where we are afraid to open our mouths for fear of getting the fluoride stare or worse.