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Jenny Mortell
We had a great day doing a workshop here in Balbriggan yesterday. 6 great people, old and new friends. I think everyone enjoyed it. The weather was very good. Everyone co-operated and as usual got the hang of the simple method very quickly. At that stage there may be lots of variations that I never hear about but fingers crossed 🙂 The food was great, my veggie lasagne went down well and

Valerie Gillespie

brought delicious scones and salads. The help clearing up was astounding; I appreciated it very much.

You can see in one of the photos Robbie studying a piece he made where the mixture seemed to have separated into two layers. Trying to work out the reason, Patricia Moloney had kindly brought sand from the Shannon Estuary, it may have been heavier than usual to sink to the bottom in a perfect layer?
There’s a great clip of Barry showing us how to unmould a cone ‘just like that’ and another longer video to follow.