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Jenny Mortell is with David Irish Chariot O’reilly


Before the weekend I had a busy time preparing for what turned out to be an interesting and enjoyable trip to Athy, to meet activist friends, hosted by Professor Dolores Cahill who is getting quite a bit of attention talking about the ridiculous situation of the Lockdown. She is also a big proponent of treatment with hydroxycloroquinine; zinc and azithromycin.
It’s a lovely castle called ‘The White Castle in a great position on the main street in Athy, a country town; and with the river Barrow flowing alongside. She would love to turn it into a centre for conferences; cultural/historical and health events. It would be great if this happened.
I painted about 130 small Plasterite pieces; I was very pleased the way they turned out. They almost attained a bling factor. I wrapped them in Clingfilm and stuck a little bit of information inside.
People were curious about what they were, wondering were they edible or soap. I met a friend Ciaran who had been impressed getting a couple of pieces of Plasterite outside Google last year. He very kindly volunteered to carry the box around and offer them to people. The next time I saw the box (boxes) they were nearly all gone. I’d have loved to hear his ‘sales pitch’ – having him handing them out would surely give an extra air of credibility to the effort.

We had a lovely picnic complete with wine and glasses. There were picnic tables set up in the grounds and people playing music, we enjoyed that.

Michele Kennedy

brought lovely potato salad and egg salad, Muireann and Russ brought wine.

It was really great meeting so many people ‘of like minds’ as we keep saying, I didn’t realise how many people in the scene I now know. We ran into a really nice Irish-American chap can Brendan Keane who had been targeted by ‘Antifa’ in Galway, he had some music events planned and for some reason which I don’t know; they harassed him and got it cancelled. He seemed to think it was because he sounds American; weird. We gave him a spin back to Dublin..
One woman told me as soon as she picked up one of the pieces she could feel the energy from it, which is always good to hear. A guy was impressed that when he was charging his phone it stayed much cooler with his piece of Plasterite close by. He also wondered about taking a slice off one of his pieces to stick on this phone as a ‘phone button’. I asked him not to; that I would make some and send them to him.
I found a cute mould for a tealight holder; I love it and I’m sending off for another couple as I’m sure people doing workshops will want them.