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I love synchronicity, even if it’s only a slight connection. I was cutting my quite long grass yesterday; keeping an eye out for the very small frogs that are about just now. When I came to the piece that

Murielle Celis

made a couple of years ago, I noticed that there were quite a few hopping away from just beside it. Later on I was reading a new book I just bought about Paramagnetism and smiled when I read the paragraph I hope you can see. I was also amused to see a piece of cement placed on top of the little tower, suggestive of a sundial – I don’t remember putting it there.

EK and I have been chatting about this interesting subject. I’m ordering some basalt and maybe we can experiment with what Yannick Van Doorne has been doing with basalt in pipes. It would be handy if I had any idea what he does! Maybe we could combine it with Plasterite – I have two grand pipes that emerged from the mud in the pond.