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Thanks to Pamela Webber for sharing this video a few weeks ago which covers a lot of the techniques used in electroculture.
Crys Shine

has collected a LOT of information on this and other techniques on his website (the link is on the right hand side here) or at least it was till I got changed over to the new look FB format, but not sure how easy it is to access it. Yannick shows many interesting techniques in his igloo greenhouse, and the growth in there is fascinating. It does seem to make a big difference having plants all ‘jumbled together’ as would happen in a natural situation.

Murielle Celis

and I assembled a ’round tower’ yesterday in the mud, but at least the rain stopped just as we started. We taped together two pieces of pipe, Murielle found the most southerly point in the garden and the best spot to place it. The ground was nice and soft so the whole job didn’t take long. When the pipe was in place we poured in the volcanic rock dust; it took about a bag and a half, leaving me lots to spread over the garden soil; or dig it in. Murielle had found the perfect rock to put on the top, we are sure it is basalt and has a nice pyramidal shape and the size is just right. It will be interesting to see does it make any difference to the growth in the garden.…

I’m still thinking of what Pamela Webber was recommending – that we do some experimenting with Plasterite in relation to electroculture. Waiting for inspiration – anybody ??