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Valerie Gillespie

and I held a Workshop at her beautiful home on Sunday, in lovely sunny weather. There were 6 of us plus her charming husband Barry and delightful girls. It was ‘all go’. We started with a couple of batches of Skimcote for gifting. And poured a big cone for

Teresa Dillon

who was actually the only person there who hadn’t made Plasterite before. Well done Teresa, you took to it beautifully.

I learned a lesson I should have remembered about Skimcote though; that it doesn’t harden anywhere near as quickly as the harder plasters, even though we had a delicious lunch in the meantime. We’d also experimented with adding some basalt aka Volcanic dust to the mixture. As we needed the little moulds which were looking depressingly soft, we rinsed them out 🙁 After another hour or so all was good though, and as you can see Teresa’s cone turned out great.
I also talked to everyone briefly about Life Pillows/Polarizers and what they can do. And gave everyone a little bag of the very simple ingredients to finish off for themselves. The basic ingredients are – powdered or crushed dried kelp and sand! That’s it! I usually add some crushed quartz crystals for when I sell them. The mixture can be used in different ways, put into a good-sized metal tin or into a leather pouch which I love the feeling of and it’s what I use. There is a very interesting discussion about these on the seleniteplus forum – the link is on the right hand side here.
We are hoping to have another Workshop in October as I had a few enquiries from people that Sunday didn’t suit, so – looking forward to that as usual.