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Jenny Mortell


Hello dear friends; I hope you enjoyed the sunshine today in spite of the appalling spraying too. So sad to see the beautiful sky being destroyed, and people wondering about what is floating down for us to breathe, not good. So let us focus tonight and getting those geo-b.s.a.ds see the error of their ways and call a halt. Of course also focussing on turning the clock back 10 months to when life was half normal. That will be in about half an hour from now; at 8 p.m BST.
If anyone feels they could do with a boost of energy; please let us know. I feel the change of seasons from summer to autumn can be quite an emotional time (SAD aka Seasonal Affective Disorder) where people sometimes use a special ‘daylight’ lamp to recreate the daylight we are missing.
I spent a lovely few hours with my son and gorgeous grandchildren who were really excited when I suggested we ‘gift’ around the trees in Ardgillen which have fairy doors on them. It was great fun and there was a it of tree-hugging going on. I suggested it could be an annual event; Amelie said it should be a monthly event, that would be lovely indeed.