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You are hiding the best parts CEO

You are not here because of your impressive looks, neither your ridiculously expensive wardrobe

you are here because of your intelligence, your cleverness


your ability to get folk together, to manage the crowds

all that jazz

the public relations department

Those are probably your sisters, I start to recognize them by now

that´s a lucky bunch

at least you had that Chief executive officer

what will the millennials get


think about that

is that mr J

probably is

think you are all rather goodlooking

full of spirit

Now it is your turn to crack it up mylady

How it all went downhill from there on

life goes as life goes

hills and valleys



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Thanks for sharing this rather nostalgic photo.   Yes it’s me and my two sisters quite some years ago.  Thankfully both my sisters are still married to their original husbands, I was not so lucky, though in the greater scheme of things probably for a good reason.   But thinking about the people in the photo, surely none of us even near 30 years old.   I’ve lost touch with the second guy but know his marriage to a lovely woman split up.  And the third guy became very depressed, I remember him coming to our house for a chat, don’t think we were in any way able to help him, and sadly he took his life a number of years ago.  Very sad.

It was a lovely summer’s day, probably enjoyed much more by the guests as told to me later.   IN those days the wedding couple had to head off at an early stage of the day to go wherever they were going, transport not being as simple as these days.  Or the idea of staying the night in the same hotel hadn’t occurred to anyone.   One sister was very friendly with a group containing the rather well-known Donal Lunny, who turned up and played music for ages, it must have been great fun for the guests.

Sidenote, our wardrobes were not ridiculously expensive, yes mine was a rather expensive ribbon lace fabric, but I made all the dresses myself, as well as the rather fashionable (at the time) hats.