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Jenny04/11 · Edited

Thanks for the Good Luck wishes which seemed to work  

Im not sure whether it was a brilliant idea suggesting we work outside, 

though it was lovely and sunny it was also very chilly, 

even though I kept piling fleeces onto the girls.

So it was mutually agreed to work inside after lunch before there was a revolt.

Yes it all went well, only a few minor disasters, occasionally getting the proportions wrong 

ending in a set lump in the bucket which I had difficulty persuading the maker that it was a waste of time adding in more water or even oil.

Quite a lot of Plasterite poured.  

I’m trying to learn from the experience,

and think that, say, two pours before lunch and one pour afterwards is plenty.

Though individuals if they want to can sneak in some extra little ones.  

It’s surprisingly hard to persuade them to work with a minimum amount 

of no less than 1 litre if they are focussing on a small piece, like a buddha.

The catering went well, as mentioned.

The chats over lunch are always interesting, 

this time mainly concentrating on vaccines, 

as one woman is very intense about that subject, as I am too.

No matter how careful we are, 

there is always a lot of tidying up afterwards,

that will have to wait till tomorrow, it’s quite tiring. 








we will continue tomorrow