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Mostar was rather crowded but interesting.
I left a few pieces here and there, one tossed down to the river,
one into a crevice in a wall close by, and one in a holly bush beside a little mosque.






Think I’ll spare ye the photos of pieces stuck in holes in the wall.
And indeed the holly bush, take my word for it.


Today we got food (much cheaper here than in Croatia) but alcohol-free –
thank you for your concern Greg[piece-of-cake-smiley-emoticon]

A little gift left in our Dubrvonik apartment.   Heading for Split shortly, our last stay.

hould I be worried, from a thumbs up option to none, now see the thumbs down option, is that a hint ?[b0708]



ah you must be kidding, I disabled that, duh…
there is only the thumbs up button, to  keep it simple for simple folk like us, you know..peasants according to the Rockefellers….

Voila, you see…
Only thumbs up…hmm avoid any eh..mistakes…
Thanks for sharing
yes it is …
Did I not brown nose enough or am I overdoing it  [im-happy-smiley-emoticon]

On another note, I closed most other topics in my personal view section.
As those are just meant to give the public a clue, so they can understand
not in the business of keep spoon feeding them, just give them clues what and where to look for
or to look out for.
Not trying to keep jabbing , prattling about it…etc…
Think moi have done enough of that as it is.

Anyway, as I was doing the ” transvestigation” topic, it is a big topic most wont even understand how it fits all in with trans  humanism and the rest of the muppet show
they truly dont have a clue, I mean NO CLUE what is going on, they think they do , but they don´t , they truly don´t see the train coming all swinging their vegan Political correct asses to new age shite music on their six hundred dollar Iphones and so forth
saying oooommmmm and namasteeeeeee

All this massive promotion of deviancy etc etc
Like it s the coolest thing around, manipulating genders, but it goes much much deeper
big esoteric black hole opening
make sure that gravity does not pull you in
I did find some good videos of real women, you know, the real ones, they are quite cool
there were about ten of such nude models there, so I downloaded and uploaded them to vimeo
So folk can see  the real thing as most are so far down the grid they cant see the difference between reality and fiction anymore
it s all sort of glued or mushed to together in a sort of float through experience for most folk.
Thing that just ” seem to happen” by …accident…while we all know there is an agenda brainwashing them all
very efficiently
very cleverly done
how it all is given to the sheeple , how they chew on it and it sort of gets part of their reality through a sort of ” osmosis” process
they dont know why they have their opinions, ideas, concepts, stand on things, jadija
they just have it
through thousand points of light
that s how they call it
little bits and snippets infiltrate the mind and it becomes gradually reality
without reasoning
things like ” global warming” and all the other rackets, all of them, gently colors their soul
so they all believe it without really understanding WHY they believe it
they just do
as they suck up the media, all media now, alt media is just as bad nowadays
same shit, different package.

Anyway, yesterday I uploaded them, those ten vids, to Vimeo and believe it or not, it is crazy , not even talking about a flipping day
but just HOURS, in just a few HOURS I got over a 1000 views…It is fecking bizarre
you just cant make this hoopla up, you just cant make it up
about 1012 views in three hours , voila, there you go
Had to double check that view rating as it seemed outlandish
I mean come on holy crap
must be a mistake but no no…it is real
very real
and today
one day later the views of those nude models go over 3000 , in just one day
say duhhhhhhhhhh

you know if we put out a vid about making the world a better place, jadija
we get maybe , at most , hundred views a YEAR



if we are very lucky , usually they even stay under a  hundred a year
go figure that one out
Told you before CEO Jenn, this healing stuff, the plasterite , etc, energy work , etc, it is the most dorky thing on the planet it seems
by the way had your Eire vid there  too, deleted it now, but it had 5 views in  a view months hahahahaha
5 views eh

probably two of mine included hahhaah

that s how bad it is now
we can discuss this for hours and hours about who , when , why , and what
but that is not for this moment…..
So maybe I will introduce that gallery into my transvestigation topic
as NOBODY , except those 5 healers hahahaha, is interested in our shit
giving love to the world, for free, we must be insane hahahaha

nobody is interested in making protective grids, blue sky, energy work, vortexes and the whole nine yards
almost nobody gets it
just the way it is J
just the way it is
In the beginning, a while back now , I trained you intensively
I remember that
many hours there
the ins and outs , all the beans were spilled on you
even some inner secrets
to speed up the dot connecting process
so you would get the point , get your head around it, as that is no so easy , took me about a year
as I had to do it all by myself, recreating the wheel
once you started doing workshops, which you did rather early on, I know it was all well spend on you


anyway, will put another topic in that transvestigation thing
at least folk get to see the real thing there
unless it turns them on to watch Sandra Bollox adam´s apple…..or what of those creatures, whatever

bottom line is truth is usually very boring, dull and dry
and most zombies switch off faster than I switch of Alex CIA Jones….

For me watching lady M making the anti nano bucket is one of the coolest things this year
it s gold
knowledge put into practice, with little steps yes, but still, moving forward for sure
moving forward
gaining ground reclaiming power lost
same applies to all other techniques put to good use
name them all…..
like your garden workshops
big winner
total energy work orgy
without the booze and with clothes on but you get the idea

Also you may have noticed that the sensual aspect of humanity is pushed out the window
long ago actually
they dont want that
our betters , they dont like that
they love the deviant shit
all that crap we supposedly have to adore as the hottest thing since sliced bread
that sick weirdo Hellywood brainwash
They do not like natural humans , they hate anything natural
it is not good enough to them
they want a better world
the dark force rises and most will submit to it
usually without truly realizing what is going on

Emotionally things are more stable now , the anxiety angle, of this whole experience
as most HSP people will suffer big time now
those who understand reality
they suffer a lot
as it is living in an upside down world now and there is much more to come
also when it comes to the agenda for this century as the whole agenda must be completed in this century
parts before that , in stages
like a business plan, very well designed it is implemented and they dont care if five people on zombie book gives a thumbs down to topics like
climate change, or ” SDG” the sustainable development goals basically a smokescreen for total domination, depopulation, austerity , jadija
smart cities, smart grids, and so forth
total enslavement
and again, most could not give a feck about that
the PTB is very excited about it , never has  happened before, finally the Great Work reaches higher stages of completion
that s also a reason they get very blatant and bold about things
they dont even hide too much from us anymore
as the cat comes out of the bag
like this transgender thing is lauched on us with afterburner now
they really rub it in
so the message is clear, you either join them , bow down to it all or you have had it
any psychopath gets that message, instinctively
they all know who butters their cookies
and it is not the cattle
they know what gets them up the ladder
they know
and we all know
at this stage
and those silly presstitutes, those bottom feeder masonic clowns think they will be allowed into the new world order
they are mistaken
most will not
they are only used as long as they are useful and than disposed of
but they cant image that idea
they just cant
like the morons who brought in the communism in Russia
the great cull there
all the leaders , not the top ones, but a lot of them were taken care off right after the revolution
as the real agenda had nothing to do with creating a ” workers paradise”
as we all know
Maybe will start the book this weekend
the climate change scam
All opposition leaders, movements, radio hosts, the bigger names for sure, are controlled by the same force the seem to oppose that is how they play the game
or they know the game , how to play the game, the gatekeeping , the disinfo, the confusion, the making the people chasing their tails forever and ever…
and they all want our money
they just cant handle money for some reason
like the churches , always in need of our money
they  just cant handle that
for some reason or so  it appears…
endless donations, fundings, bla bla bla
go fund me campaigns
like for those crisis actors
they earn big bucks with their scams
who created the United Nations control grid, well was the CFR, hand in hand with other parts of the club
the boys from London
societies with secrets
squashed by NGO dictatorship
we are now
appearing to speak on our behalf
etc etc
those NGO armies dictate to ” government” what to implement and how or what
Everybody knows this in government but we have discussed this before
wont make it too long and boring
Anyway , off I go, will create the page now, will be interesting
Because after doing so much transvestigations one almost has to puke
about what really is going on
and yes keep us updated about your Balkan Affairs




Good post Sunflower,   A slight delay in what will be a very short report from – yesterday actually by now.  We stopped on the roadside on the stunningly beautiful drive from Dubrovnik to Split, bought a bottle of local ‘Merlot’ boy was that strong stuff, so subsided (slightly tired) into bed.   I’ll add a few photos later.