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I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right catergory, so many topics, anyway if it’s in wrong place I trust you will see to it EK……….

A morning spent painting plasterite dragon……..



Plasterite dragon coming along nicely. Base coat of black, then used a technique called ‘drybrushing’ to apply a light green, a further two or three coats of different hues should have it looking good.

Then rest of the day, driving around thirty odd miles and gifting several towers…..

22323038_10207814014187842_901388282_n.jpg  22290139_10207814017267919_182114341_n.jpg  22278717_10207814016907910_760763784_n.jpg

22264585_10207814013627828_1655907556_n.jpg  up to mischief [smile]……

And had a partner in crime…she has a strong arm and a good aim, prettier than me too….