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where the psychos sold us into Nirvana
they are really giving it us hard now
hmm hmm
plasterite holds
playing with the BSB s gets them crazy
much activity
did not record a fraction of it
missed a big navy helicopter, you have seen that one before
the big one
with a big radar cone on it



going over the rooftops here
also had two helicopters prob the same, at night
can u believe that
silly eh
like a christmas tree
did not make much sound
the new police helis do not make much sound

have no tail rotor you see





Quote:I’ll be heading off to the City shortly to join with Ciaran Chiarráinsmithfield Nofluoridegeoengineeringsmith, and other friends to make people aware of what is being done in our skies. I’ll be handing out some of these great leaflets courtesy of Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Sky. I’ve also some little Plasterite pieces for anyone who wants them. Hope to meet some friends for a chat if you’re passing between 1.30 and 3.30.


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Raising awareness , one soul at a time

I took lots of photos at today’s very successful Awareness Raising meeting – it was the usual venue, O’Connell Bridge. It was a very pleasant warm day, nice atmosphere, not as disheartening as it sometimes is as we had lots of conversations with all sorts of age groups as the photos show. There were many leaflets handed out too. A special thank you to Slawek Sobkowiakcoming all the way from Longford who had to endure some scary bus rides with enthusiastic Mayo fans.

20374492_1544977152249349_6376556009094141269_n.jpg                                          20638397_1544977738915957_4910014626108005841_n.jpg