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Karen has been bitten by the plasterite bug

Here are my efforts from yesterday.

I thought the smaller cones where 6 & 12 inches but on seeing them together & then measuring them, they are 9 & 10 1/2 inches not that it matters.
I lost a bit of the side on one, I don’t know why because the others where ok, it was from the same mix.

I expected the plasterite to have been more of a light colour, whether it’s the sand that has coloured it.

And probably too when they dry out more.
But as long as they work that’s all I’m bothered about.

As you can see there is some sand from the beach behind the big cone
which I’m hoping I can turn into life pillows when it dries out. I’m reluctant to put it in the oven in case it lowers its abilities.

I’m looking forward to making some more, as I’ve definitely been bitten by the plasterite bug.

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Anyway, it is , again, time to mention that desired time out and it will be soon. might get a bit calm here from now on.
Just so have been warned, ballerinas.

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Dont know who Owen Boyden is besides from being ridiculously handsome but if you like , you can share it to the world , CEO.
So we all learn something about the ” silent horses” out there.



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Not only good looking but a very nice guy, a bit of an ‘adventurer’ in the sense of liking heading off on voyages on small sailing boats; that sort of thing.
He’s a stalwart of the anti-fluoride movement in Ireland, when the rest of us flag sometimes, he works away tirelessly, niggling and prodduing at politicians.

He manages to stay optimistic when some of us feel we’re wasting our time.
This is his most recent letter to an Irish Minister.

Fluoride Free Towns

Dear Minister Jim Daly,

I write with further reference to the Health (fluoridation of water supplies) Act 1960 as amended by SI No 42 of 2007 and I wish to congratulate you on your recent appointment as a Minister of State at the Department of Health.

I’d like to draw attention to previous correspondence we’ve had where aspects raised in relation to the ongoing policy of nationally mandated and enforced CWF (Community Water Fluoridation) include legal and constitutional irregularities, fluoridation induced birth defects and numerous misrepresentations contained within the position statement the Department of Health relies on for the continued sanction of the policy though I note the Department of Health along with all other relevant State Agencies or Bodies whom have a remit rely on the direction of The Expert Body on Fluorides and Health who as a statutory body are charged with advising the State on all issues relating to the matter.

In light of the above, it is on the subject of The Expert Body on Fluorides and Health I wish to specifically raise a few points today;

1 – During the Autumn of 2015 it became apparent that fluoridation is responsible for causing birth defects which I note yourself and other Government backbenchers of the day raised on my behalf. You kindly conveyed these concerns to the Department through a PQ (No 466) where one of your predecessors (Former Deputy Kathleen Lynch) under the direction of The Expert Body responded by stating primary dentition fluorosis was not a birth defect. Concerning some two years later however is that The Expert Body in a turn of events have changed their position and are now considering “the effect of in utero fluoride exposure on the enamel formation stage during foetal development” which would appear to invalidate guarantees of safety and effectiveness in relation to the policy. Similarly, I have requested through an FOI a copy of the deliberations which so promptly led The Expert Body to disregard said concerns. Given the serious implications of this turn of events, I would have assumed The Expert Body would have advised for a moratorium on the policy be implemented until the matter is settled but unfortunately this has not happened, similar in respect to a recommendation contained in the FF (Fluoridation Forum, 2002) Report that unreliable fluoridation equipment be decommissioned around the country to prevent the risk of Irish citizens suffering dental fluorosis bearing in mind The Expert Body have not seen this through either despite having statutory responsibility for oversight and implementation of the Forum’s recommendations.

2 – In a position statement tendered by The Expert Body in response to a letter I sent to Teachta Dála in May 2016 outlining substantial grounds on which the constitutional status of water fluoridation was brought into disrepute, The Expert Body failed to address or refute any of the points I raised but instead provided a position statement containing the usual and numerous errors for which I again went onto point out in a comprehensive and referenced document forwarded to the Department of Health and Teachta Dála for which nearly over a year later The Expert Body has yet to truthfully address or respond too.

Previous communications not only outlined serious shortcomings within the supposed legal framework on which the policy purports to rely but evidence of serious harm occurring to a significant proportion of the population which was backed up by reference to relevant Irish legal judgements (Ryan v AG 1965) where the High Court and Supreme Court were of the opinion that if any citizen was harmed as a result of the policy, then the legislation would be unconstitutional. Due to significant proportions of the population known to suffer from dental fluorosis, I am of the opinion that the outdated and dangerous legislation continues to be sanctioned in contempt of both High Court and Supreme Court rulings. The concerns I raise are extensively discussed in the attached documents which and despite protest, continue to be ignored by The Expert Body.

In light of the numerous misrepresentations put forth, I believe The Expert Body in continuing to untruthfully advise the State of the policy’s safety and effectiveness is acting both fraudulently and negligently against the interests of the Irish People with whom The Expert Body bear a duty of responsibility towards given their statutory function. Though rarely carried out, I would be advising the State to arbitrarily disband The Expert Body and repeal the Health (fluoridation of water supplies) Act 1960 with immediate effect.

I also wish to bring to your attention that complaints in relation to this matter are currently being investigated by Irish Water, the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) and the Ombudsman.

I’d therefore be very grateful if you would consider raising this matter directly with your own Department, The Cabinet and indeed your party colleagues in Fine Gael noting Fine Gael previously undertook to have the legislation repealed if elected to power due to serious health concerns.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Owen Boyden

Director: The National Fluoride Free Towns Project

Major cross party political support for an end to CWF in Ireland has in recent years been offered by over half the country’s County or City Councils as well as all of the former Town Councils throughout West Cork.


–…/…/dail2015111700070  If anyone can open this link you’ll see it’s a newspaper article from 2016 but it quotes part of the political party Fine Gael (now in power) which was part of their Manifesto in 2002.    http://



Still talking about fluoridation in Ireland.

We were doing a lot of ‘agitating’ with Town and County Councils and were successful in persuading a lot of them to pass motions saying they disagree with water fluoridation.
I was probably responsible , with others, in having a motion passed in my town of Balbriggan.

Unfortunately the Town Councils were disbanded shortly after that, leaving just County Councils.
A couple of the people who had supported the Town Council motion were subsequently elected to the County Council,
though elected as ‘Independents’ very quickly joined up with one of the big political groups and lost all interest in fluoridation: cf the last comment in the clip below re Fingal County Council:

Fluoride Free Towns FYI…. Cork County Council, Cork City Council, Kerry County Council, Laois County Council, Dublin City Council, Wexford County Council, Leitrim County Council, Galway County Council, Cavan County Council, Monaghan County Council, Donegal County Council, Dublin South County Council, Waterford City Council and Waterford County Councils representing over half the Irish population all passed motions in 2014 & 2015 calling on the Government to immediately scrap The Health (fluoridation of water supplies) Act 1960 and bring Ireland’s position to this matter in line with EU precedent for which not one other European Government maintain a similar policy due to health, environmental, legal or ethical concerns as a result of ongoing scientific, medical or political objection. This outgoing Government as well as Fianna Fail do not give a hoot about democracy!!!
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Noel Russell
Noel Russell Möney talks and shite walks…


Stephen Mccabe
Stephen Mccabe They are obviously getting well looked after by dumping someones industrial waste into our water supply.


Peter Cooling
Peter Cooling why do they pay for fluoridation chemicals when the cost of disposing them is so high, the companies who produce them would give them would give them for free?.


Gabrielle Perry
Gabrielle Perry What about Fingal Co Council bunch of Neanderthals