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This is becoming what we used to call (jokingly) a ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ but in this case, true.

What a lovefest !!!!


Think that’s enough of that – back to more serious stuff [im-happy-smiley-emoticon]

Did I mention my new ‘rig’ of BSBs, maybe so.
Anyhow I’ve 5 of them linked together with a very long cable.
Got a reading from MG, I was pretty stunned when he said it was showing 50 trillion Bovis units!!!!!

I think that must be the most powerful thing I’ve made.


And then just because I can, I added on another …… still 3 more scattered here and there… will I? won’t I?
That pink one could certainly do with some TLC, as could many of the other structures around the garden.  It looks like a henpecked hen [yellow-smiley-confused-emoticon]




You see CEO Greg, that is what happens, one just cant make them happy hahahaha
Jee..give hem a hug and a compliment and oh boy
She is feeling itchy…she has not reached the Feck It level yet, she is working on it..
first it s romance and than the nagging kicks in , typical..that was nice get back to your zombie cubicle boys …
What a fuss [hookah]

dramas on selenite plus hahaahha

five minutes of male fun and the alarm bell goes and down we go…

I love democracy
hope to experience it one day


Well yes it is the most strong piece I have come across Jenn.
No shame admitting that.
shoots you right to the top
dont worry we will catch up, he has a bike and you dont hahah
Good piece you made.
Can slash some chemtrails with that contraption..and besides …it is by lack of heroes nowadays we sort of have build our own eh entertainment center here, so what..again
Feck it
We can just as well have fun as Clint Eastwood will not show up, we are the artillery
we can wait for it forever to come along but wont happen, it does not exist
we, those who , you know, break free, are the battle ram
into reality
must say sort of annoyed me at first, but now I feel comfortable with the idea of not having much members
so I dont have to ban folk all the time hahahah
and most crap and hoopla keeps out of this forum, at least we do our best.
Think we do a great job in that
giving folk the right stuff
for those few who understand
for the rest it is lala time anyway

also thinking of changing the setup of the forum but have to look into that
so we can also chat here, like on that CIA book most are addicted too
not that there is a big reason too but it wont cost much also thinking of manifesting that domain name, why not just forty bucks a year
wont break the bank
and we have a fancy , easy to find and remember name

if you two have a clue just swing it in.





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