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Last one was a bit naughty, three police officers showing off their motorcycle, so I quickly jump on and see if I can balance…..swiftly chased by 3 coppers, by those buggers can run…didn’t catch me though, don’t like truncheons on my skull.[im-happy-smiley-emoticon]



It seems Sir G and moi have things in common but..we keep that outside the realm of the public for now hahaha
yes that does ring a bell, had them chase me a couple of times
they even caught me once, in the end, as it was an illegal bike, another long story, I am full of long stories
Outwitted them as my bike was lighter, so I entered a forest
and they could not follow with their heavy BMW bikes, the one you show
later on thought they had gone, came out, sneaky…thought it was all clear..they left the area
but..they were waiting for me , unfortunately…leaving the woods on a dirtway, almost at the crossing , twenty yards before I reach that this BMW
comes out of nowhere , standing in the middle of the road and winks at me
could have done another runner but there comes at time when enough is enough
if they win they win, you cant win all the time. Could break my neck and than the world would have missed me LMAO
one minute later he is standing next to me, if I would be so kind to escort him to the police station, that is the end of my bike story.
Could leave the bike right there hahahah
Still had a year for fun, did not cost me much.
And these are the politically correct stories, go figure…






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