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Maybe, no , not maybe, it is time for EPIC
Yes it is.As we are on the road for some years now, three years or so, at least since Jenn introduced herself to the Tools of Light. Almost three years ? Sort of , dunno.
For me the road is much longer ,  five years, just as it is for Stephen and Tony and a few others. They are in this for seven years now, even longer than me, that s why they are so good.
By talent also but also by practice, rise and fall, trial and error and so forth.
Finding the ropes, not just learning them.
Designing them , hand in hand with the great Shaman Jacques. Without him we would still be in Plato´s cave.
Truly we would, at least for a great extent.
We know that the German , mr T, started with the whole thing, in a slightly different fashion, a new idea, a new concept, Jacques picked it up and took it into another dimension, going where no man has gone before hahaahh
Top player.

And now we have blue skies.
As simple as that.
And much more, but I wont go into all that.
Will keep it short , have to take my happy detox bath

So it is time to post some EPIC pics as a sort of flyover



Can’t compete with your stunning model like pics J,…but loved to pose with my bike…..


!!! (2).jpg

!!! (1).jpg