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Good morning dear friends. I’m in a bit of a rush this morning, heading to the City to do a short visit with my ex who has just been admitted to a Nursing Home with Alzheimers, sad situation. Some good thoughts that he settles in well would be much appreciated.

I’m also repeating the request for positivity for our member who needs emotional support.

Of course not forgetting the support for Tools of Light and the Sky Elementals.

Thank you to Anna Harvey for sharing these Affirmations with us a few days ago.

Have a lovely Sunday folks.

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Something about a cold damp August ‘summer’ day makes us feel nostalgic for the old days, I’ve been requested to produce a few photos, to balance the previous delightful ones.
I have to swallow my pretend shyness and go for it   [smile]

2017-08-20 19_42_31-Document2 - Microsoft Word.png

2017-08-20 19_43_50-Document2 - Microsoft Word.png

2017-08-20 19_46_10-Document2 - Microsoft Word.png

2017-08-20 19_48_10-Document2 - Microsoft Word.png

Marriage Sally ( Sister )

2017-08-20 19_50_41-Document2 - Microsoft Word.png


2017-08-20 19_52_51-Document2 - Microsoft Word.png






Aunts, Uncles &    family

You shouldn’t have encouraged me …..



So long ago .