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Following a chat with Stephen Geddes and his suggestion of doing a trial with different kinds of waters, here’s 4 cones I poured today, all with slightly different mixtures. All a very basic mixture, Plaster of Paris, sand, different waters, no added salt, just a splash of the Kitchen Sink homeopathic mix. 2 are the same except I carelessly left out half the sand in one, so had to do another with the right quantity of sand. Those two had half seawater/half rainwater. Another was seawater/crystal water. The 4th was ‘neat’ seawater. I used a percentage of hot water into the mixture, which caused them to set REALLY quickly – one set so fast I hardly had time to get the mixture into the mould. They all became very hot and remained so for at least an hour: Unfortunately they are not identical in weight, but pretty close. Now hoping for comments from Stephen. Do you want me to identify which cone is which before you comment Stephen; or do a ‘blind’ trial? Anyhow for now they are unidentified [1f642]🙂 In order, they are cones A, B, C and D.

Elenora NormaGroup Admin

wow all un-broken! wow, enormously!

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Jenny Mortell
Jenny MortellGroup Admin

Yes it’s quite unusual, but they were poured into the folded table-mats, which means one can unwrap them without any stress. Also I used quite warm water while mixing which meant they ‘set’ really hard very quick. They became much hotter than usual while curing, really surprising. It would never work for smaller pieces, you may be able to see one has actual holes in it as the mixture had thickened up so much before I could pour it.

20770058_1534260826654315_3451680322792524137_n.jpg  20770162_1534260536654344_7643678374474359498_n.jpg  20799376_1534258979987833_4809809877454514904_n.jpg  20799531_1534259569987774_5949102132785437183_n.jpg