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Murielle Celis has been experimenting with making another Plasterite tower, this time using a rather big frying pan.
The plan was to make 18 of these and join them together to make 9 big shapes.
Then she decided to make smaller ‘spacers’ with a hole in the middle of each.
Tonight she experimented with some different arrangements and came up with this exotic and strong, organic looking shape.
She MIGHT go taller with it, but for the moment we love this arrangement.
It’s so pleasant the way the spacers blend with the bigger pieces to create a curvy, sensual shape.






Oh I see a lot of curvy sensual shapes another astonishing project completed successfully. What a cutie…both product and creator…   [smile]
Art gallery produce…I recognize some traits I have myself, this perfectionist angle…that extra mile…” Spunky M ” …….did it again
maybe get a patent for that thing…it´s gorgeous

Now that´s some killer smile you have wow [t2712]