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Yep can hardly wait to take on board yet another healing method, to add to the detox bath, the anti-nano triangle, the milk kefir, and that early morning ‘drink’ yes that  dark green one with borax.   Plus supplements – I wonder are any of these included in the videos; I really hope so – Vitamin D3, mqgnesium, zinc, selenium, Nascent or Lugol’s Iodine  (and Pycnogenol);   I haven’t tackled ingesting the turpentine on a sugar lump, because my sketchy information states 3 BMs a day are needed, don’t think I can aspire to that just yet, will work on it [dancing-good-morning-smiley-emoticon]   Oh I nearly forgot, cinnamon,  salt, maca powder, maple syrup, coconut oil and mixed toasted seeds and nuts in the porridge (organic oatmeal)