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Great post hun, a thoughtful mixture and very telling, as you do seem to be quite a bit calmer.   Certainly I and probably anyone else who reads you on a regular basis would be aware of your ‘mood swings’ – you’ve probably lived with them all  your life and were used to them, but, as we are talking openly, for someone at the receiving end they have been quite unsettling.   So, I’m very happy the penny has dropped by some divine intervention and in such a roundabout way forcing you to face your demons. I’m really hoping that you will have more awareness if you can feel the onset of an angry episode and either by yourself or with help from your friends, de-fuse the situation.  It will have been worth the worry and shock if so.      To tell the truth I used to get like that when I was ‘hormonal’ some years ago, I could feel my temper rising and feel like killing someone, but thankfully now I’m just sweetness and light – oh yeah [im-happy-smiley-emoticon].

That Diascoria Batatas is actually full of good energies, glad you find it ‘pleasant’ but was really formulated for  using in Plasterite – I’m sure it will do you no harm as long as you don’t overdo it.   I’d recommend more the Helicrysum Essential Oil that you already have.  And of course Rescue Remedy for stress, which I’ll be delighted to send you if you haven’t already located it.

I can’t see it happening in 100 years but it might be interesting to have a Skype consultation with a good homeopath, (shusssssh  could be initials TB).  Let me know if you’d like me to set it up ?   I think you both have a good awareness of each other by now.   The thing about homeopathy is, the whole person is taken into the picture, not just saying ‘oh stressed – take such and such’.

That was good luck finding the bicycle key, better than having to go and buy another.    I wish I could find all sorts of things, expensive gold jewelry, engagement ring, teeth, all disappeared into what must be a black hole in my house.

Glad you enjoyed the Affirmation; I find it a lovely little oasis at the end of a Sunday, a little ceremony without having to listen to a boring priest or preacher rabbiting on.