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This newspaper was superseded by the Southern Star which took over the faltering Skibbereen Eagle and closed down the paper in 1929. The Southern Star was founded  in 1889 to represent the Nationalist viewpoint in West Cork in opposition to the Eagle which was pro-Unionist. The Southern Star was founded in 1889 by two Skibbereen brothers, John and Florence O’Sullivan. One of the main reasons for establishing The Southern Star was to combat The Skibbereen Eagle as an organ of British imperialism and also as a paper very inimical to the Catholic Church. The Southern Star’s  first editor was D.D. Sheehan, and it later included among its shareholders one Michael Collins. [eaglealmanac2017]

Skibbereen Eagle

E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.

Skibbereen Eagle (The). The chiel amang ye takin’notes. It was the Skibbereen, or West Cork Eagle newspaper, that solemnly told Lord Palmerston that it had “got its eye both upon him and on the Emperor of Russia.” This terrible warning has elevated the little insignificant town of Skibbereen, in the southwest coast of Ireland, quite into a Lilliputian pre-eminence. Beware, beware, ye statesmen, emperors, and thrones, for the Skibbereen Eagle has its eye upon you!


Now the Spirit of the Skibbereen Eagle has been revived on the internet with this successor casting a cold eye on the world and its comings and goings. Beware, beware, ye statesmen, emperors, Tories and thrones, for the Skibbereen Eagle still has its eye upon you!

Today, powered by its readers and contributors, from its cyber eyries in Ireland and the centres of the Irish Diaspora The Eagle casts its Cold Eye on Life and Death and much in between.

Skibbereen Eagle
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