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I’m glad  you interposed the blackbird, Supervisor –

I’d have found my Awareness Raising post a bit insignificant in comparison to the epic cycling holiday of the previous couple featured.    Anyway, last Saturday was International Vaccine Awareness day.

I don’t want to jump on EVERY bandwagon, but certainly feel that this is well worth supporting.  I joined a decent-sized group of 15 or 16 people, mostly women, but some men, children and babies.  We stationed ourselves outside the GPO (General Post Office) which was quite a good position.

We gave out 700 leaflets, which was a good result, and chatted to many people, most interested and willing to listen, some, not so.
One woman was told to stop talking rubbish.
As usual I’d brought my goody bag of Plasterite pieces and was happy to give them to lots of the participants, which they seemed to appreciate.

18836629_1537803399594322_2767122438082231712_o.jpg  18880293_1537802772927718_3405897477969208629_o.jpg