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Cheers, yes the fluoride thing is still ongoing, mostly down to one local councillor ( must be getting a pay-off, no doubt ).. I found out the email address of our ( new ) local MP, and dropped her a load of information about the dangers and the reason I will not be voting for her in the forthcoming election….said she has heard a few bad things and promised to look into it further…..I won’t hold my breath on that one !, can’t imagine a politician breaking a promise though, can you?…anyway, why vote, if it made any difference they wouldn’t allow it, no , us sheep aren’t allowed to have a say in what our controllers have in store for us.



Jennyl added 2 new photos.

My cheeky blackbird is back after not seeing him for since last year. A hen blackbird, possbily his mate, is also quite pushy. The male blackbird spots me in the conservatory and stares in the window ordering me to bring him some food. He’s quite partial to cheese 🙂