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I’ve been a little quiet as of late, lots of activities outside of “this”, pampering our new puppy and focusing a great deal on my own health. So, before I forget, I just would like to give a STANDING OVATION, to the man of many, many names, who creates all of THIS! It’s time consuming and not always fun updating forums and websites, this I know! And the new website is simply awesome!

I’m always trying to find ways or allow ideas, to filter through from the Universe, Mother Earth, Angel Jacques, etc… I ask and ask, what can I do? What can I do differently, that will make a bigger difference? What haven’t we tried?!?

Sometimes, the crazy ideas are too crazy, and I stick them in the mud and leave them to recycle, perhaps. Sometimes, I take a peek at them, stuck in the mud, and suddenly, a flower blossoms! *smile*

I’m going to share a few things, please ask anything you wish in regards to them, for they just might be, one or two of the flowers in the mud….. *bigger smile*

My 11 year old step son, Joshua, or Josh (of course, LOL) has quite recently made me take notice of him. Not only has he grown much taller through this latest growth spurt, but he has taken such an avid interest in all things Uncle Tony Shaman! Hee hee…. He listens. He ponders. He has some amazing insights and ideas. He recently noticed one of my older wands, a 12 inch copper tube with a large quartz point on one end, the other has a piece of bamboo shoved inside of the tube, and I believe at one point that was filled with charged water, and it seals off the bottom end of said wand. To my senses, the wand still had some punch, but not overly strong. I handed it to him and told him that I had a test for him, if he was willing to accept it? The test was this: take this wand, make it your own, and increase it’s Energy / Magic to a much higher level. He said YES, grabbed it, and disappeared. One day later he brought it to his Mom to check it out, and she called me while I was at work, and told me that my old wand NOW was smacking her with Energy, from 5 feet away!! LOL Bravo, Josh!!!!!! Passed my first test with flying colors.

I then gave Josh a new challenge and test. I asked him to use the same method that he used to charge up the wand, to create a Plasterite charging plate. The concept I outlined to him is something called bootstrapping. I wanted him to take one of our large Flower of Life plaster pieces, and to make it much, much stronger, through his method. As of right now, day 2, the Plasterite plate is HUMMING! I wanted him to create this charging plate, with the idea that we would take a finished piece, place it on the plate, and super charge it! *smile* What made me even prouder of the boy, was the fact that he incorporated the wand into his setup, to charge up that plate! YES!!!!!!! I also told him to listen to his intuition, and to take as long as he felt was necessary to get it to it’s new “level”. There maybe another Flower of Life plate after this one, for the next level UP! I really wanted to see, if after curing and completion, if I could boost the POWER of our Plasterite Creations……

Along those lines, I am working on a different level to do the same, hoping to combine the two ways, to make something special, is my hope. I have shared a little about something called Radionics, and now that I have a Radionics device, it came to me the other day, that perhaps I might find what the “rate” is, for chemtrails. In Radionics, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has a 3 digit rate, or number, such as 215, for instance. The concept is, that you can use various methods of dowsing to determine the rate for anything. You simply state what you wish to find and then dowse each digit of the rate, one at a time. So you ask, what is the first digit of the rate for chemtrails? Is it a Zero? If no, then you ask, is it a One, and go all the way up to Ten, as the highest number. 0 through 10. Once you have that rate, you can now dial it up on the Radionics device to reproduce it. OR, you can use that rate and REVERSE it, to determine a “cure” rate. If the rate for chemtrails is 002, then the cure rate for it would then be 10 10 8. You take your original rate number, and for each number, subtract it from 10. So 10 – 0 is 10. What I intend to do, is use that reverse rate or cure, imprint it into a small vial of distilled water, and then, take a few drops of it, and add it to the Plasterite! *HUGE SMILE* Will it work? I will tell you what I find as I do! I’m going to dowse the results, like with the charging plate. Tomorrow we test the plate by taking two hearts from the same batch, put one on the plate for an hour, the other will be our standard, to compare against!

The last bit of fun that I am working on is to improve the BSB model. I love what Jenny recently shared, where she hooked up three cones in series ….. I’ve been playing around with Keshe Foundation technology as well, and with that, there is a method to nano coat wiring. The conception is that by creating a nano coating on the wires, they now allow bi-directional flow of Plasma (Aether) energy. I’m going to start with 25 feet of stripped copper wiring, nano coat it, then shrink wrap plastic around it, and leave both ends uncovered. One end will get embedded inside of the cone, the other will go to the ground connection in the electrical outlet. I get a BIG buzz in my head when I construct it, in my head…. LOL

Of course, I would use the charging plate and hopefully the Radionics remedy drops on that cone too….

Blessings and Plasterite Dreams!


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hug-2 8018 drool Wow wow wow how very exciting, giving me thrills down my spine – so great what Josh is doing; great for him and for you all. I suspect that EK would rather you post new reports on the new site jollysmile
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:) I dare to smile, for the awake ones it is obvious , by now, that having shaman Tony around always gives out constructive good vibes, it´s a real bonus I can tell you. I have noticed that more than once how he can grab the damaged souls and sort of does his thing and something worthwhile comes out of the mold.
If I didn´t know better I´d say he is perfect for things like counseling, you know, helping people who lost track, who get overwhelmed by the world, you know what I mean.

It is a gift, a treasure, call it what you want but it is there and it sort of slides more to the front of things , topics, etc
like he enters the room, feels the vibes, the energies, qualifies it, takes it in, make a new symphony out of it, out of the discords, looking for weak and strong points in the matter and starts intuitively to work on it and getting it right , or at least better than it was before.

Do you notice that too, Jenn? It is very clear to see and it is an amazing talent, to use that word for lack of better suited words maybe.

My personal healer is not that talented, but she is good enough , doing her own particular way of healing
which is effective in the end too, so.
Medium weight, Tony is more like a heavy weight absolutely, just more experienced in many facets of life
a broader horizon, that sort of thing, more curious too, more into expanding and learning
Kids don´t have that much filters of perception in place, ie have not been brainwashed properly yet, so they understand rather fast and move ahead, hope it stays like that for time to come and it is not pounded out of him
like it is with most folk around us. It is not their fault. It is just the way the system wants us to be.
Nice story.

It is a very nice story, maybe one of the best we ever had.
As real and profound as it gets , still in touch with this world and also opening doors to the other world
It rings a lot of bells
so it´s not just me heheh
[spoiler]There are those out there who will understand by life experience what it entails, that it is real.
Might take a few years of learning to get there, but if one wants to get there with the heart one will get there
This understanding of the world, looking through the deception of the world and hopefully , touch the other world
and learn that one too gradually to embrace.
Maybe for ancient peoples, nomadic tribes, etc it came as a sort of second nature , something that did not need too much explanation, but for most of us it is a real challenge to learn to deal with the other world
the bigger picture or , do we dare to use that weaponized word….” spirituality”
almost a curse word now
Some might say the invisible word but that is also not an accurate description as it sometimes comes into this reality, comes into plain awareness, bluntly sometimes, as some of you know by your own work.
The sylphs and orbs, these and many other forms of energy manifestations are revealed to the searcher of truth

The German guy, this Timo he showed me some pictures of it , he had a few on his old website
but those are peanuts to the things I have seen coming of my Tools of Light.
It happens but it is rare, those white blue sparks or round shapes , small usually
like a glitter, funny enough I sometimes made very small pieces , like an apple, and blue white light
simply crushes out of them like lightning and you think WTF or …I got it right this time
and later on you realize it has ” something to do with intent” although that cannot be rationalized completely
into a basic logic construct
because it does not fit into this world
it does not work like that
In the right hands a tool of Light can be a marvelous companion
It cannot be boiled down to a formula and leave it there that s not how it works

It is the Stradivarius of Energy work
no doubt
but only in the hands of those who are able to play a bit of violin in the first place
or at least have some incline to music and harmony and beats and vibes to get on the wild horse in the first place
new, but fearless and just follow the good heart and inner wisdom, there is nothing to fear
only to learn and to be in awe of
and it was always there
a sort of rabbit hole too , yes, but not into darkness as we have seen enough of that and we know where their rabbit hole is supposed to go , no, to a better world, maybe enough , maybe not, who can tell, but at least it gives the
entrepreneur of energy work a chance to succeed and to be a real human spirit with a lot of benefits that are attached to that too
there is always a price to pay
in many ways
as the Cherokee know it´s not the hoopla we see around us all day long, this endless mindless brainwashed slur of ” love and light” against all sense of reality
it has nothing to do with that, it has to do with spiritual balance and progressing
it has to do with transformations
not in the pay me 1000 dollar for a fancy session bla bla bla, what we see a lot nowadays
those big organisations running the show now for all the confused folk to be herded in
As that thing has really become too silly now
these courses , do five courses for big bucks and you are a healer
yeah ….right…my ass…
but that s how most folk want it to be
no real experience, not the hard work, the ups and downs
all happy happy
no negativity please and for sure no reality
they want pleasure and happiness without doing the work
without the growth without anything basically
like a fast food thing, this here is the money , gimme the healer badge
people always look to the outside for solutions or answers

regurgitating smart quotes from so called ” good folk”
the Ghandis, the Nelson Mandela s etc etc
the dalai lama, bla bla bla
have you really looked into the topic ?
as if you would you would know they are all on board with the agenda
they all belong to the secret societies , high Freemasonry, Knights of Malta and the rest of it
all promoted to the sheeple to drool over and feel so ” infinite conscious” about
That´s all fake
but folk love fake
they adore it

not having a clue what s really going on
and most don´t want to know what is really going on
if you catch my drift…

It may – the selenite way – not work out for everyone in the same way and maybe it is not intended to work for everyone in the same manner. Maybe that´s the way it must be.
If you really want truth one will have to sacrifice
a lot
but over the years it gets easier as one loses much crap one has been influenced with
so the burden gets lighter and easier to carry
as you grow into balance
into connecting with the other world
and stay in balance as you are still in this world

make sure you keep things to yourself and dont brag about it or you know, show too much of it to other folk
the world out there
as they will grind you into obedience asap
so ” stop the f@ck waking folk up ” hehehehe
once they grasp a bit of what s going on, you can help them, a bit, not too much
be very reluctant in that , dont overdose them
don t become that lecturer or evangelist shouting down at them from your culprit
etc etc
take it easy
they cannot swim across the canal, for heavens sake, they cant even swim
they have to wear their ducky armbands to even stay afloat so be mild on them , really you should.



But if one can help out or teach or be an example , use that oportunity, as we saw in the story of little ” josh” doing his thing there. In short use your time only on people who are worthwhile to use it upon.
In a way that s a good thing as there are so few folk who are really worthwhile you have plenty of time left to do your own improvement and doing the good work so you don´t become too rusty. :D

That s some experiment you have in story, holy critters…
a bit too complicated for this simple soul but I like it absolutely
Regarding the tripple BSB ah well, have that going for a year here , usually offline.
As everytime I hook it on all hell breaks lose, you know that
Biggest energy storm wave ever
Never really thought it would be necessary , never thought it would become that bad
but after Cop21 in Paris they let it all loose on us
big time now
crazy shit, weather manipulation reaches new heights and that includes the chemspraying etc etc
so yes I do feel obligated to active the tripple one occasionally
Have gotten used to the amazing energy of the plasterite now , for basic pieces but everytime I connect that tripple one to the grid I still shake , it is that strong.
whoosh , like stepping out of a cave into the sun
like a love hammer
still knocks me off my feet
and that s the way I love it

you know, we have tried to bring across the topic and the solution part to the mobs on FB, those silly chemtrail groups and the rest of it, to no avail, obviously
not a peep there
But we have no say in the matter, the ordinary human has not say in anthing
no no, it s only the authorized sources, these sellouts, these Dane Gobshite Wigginton types
all on board with the ” global warming” agenda

they run the show, like our green fascist/communist Duncan in Ireland, those slimebags own the place now.
they get the funding from the NGO s etc
to brainwash the masses properly and kick down on anyone who stands up for real values as real values are long obsolete now, we have to make way for the new , you see, the new
whatever that new may be , it aint gonna be good for ya , you can take that to the bank
no limits there
Funded groups who support the World NWO agenda only
all others…….exit…keep that in mind
There is a lot to talk about when it comes to agendas , the world agenda
but I do that on my blog , not here
might spoil the fun here LOL

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Very impressive and moving post thank you Sunflower. Now I need to find the Affirmations you wrote for our little ‘Plasterite Affirmation Group’ which takes place every Sunday 7 pm GMT. Would be thrilled if anyone who sees this would like to join in, it only takes literally a few minutes and is very powerful, emotional and effective.
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