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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:14 pm
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On one of our regular Monday ‘jaunts’ gifting Dublin’s waterways. Again the Royal Canal, beside Croke Park Stadium. This has to be the most thoroughly gifted Waterway in the country, with about 60 kilos being gifted today, mostly into the water.
We also looked after a huge mast that could not have been any closer to the little cottages below.

The third photo is interesting, we had gifted all along the canal, as we came to this spot suddenly there was a big burst of bubbles from under the water, gushing up and sending ripples out over the water. It was eye-catching. M suggested it was the water welcoming us, and saying, this is a good place for a gift. It ties in with a chat I had with another water gifter, Fintan from Wexford, who had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. He threw a bottle into a quarry, and watched as the ripples spread out. But instead of gradually abating, the ripples kept on coming strongly for several minutes. He was quite taken aback, and wondered about its significance and, therefore, got a little tingle of recognition when we started talking about our experience with bubbles in the canal. Fintan has taken it as confirmation that what we are doing is good, and welcomed by the water elementals.
Fintan is talking about driving along the quays beside the River Liffey and lobbing Selenite randomly into the water as he goes. I’m trying to discourage him as attracting too much attention, but he says he doesn’t give a f..k 8010