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Postby Sunflower » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:48 pm

Hello and welcome

to make a long story very short…. years ago there was the first and only forum founded by Josh dealing with this method of using plaster , salt, sand and crystals achieving the same or better results in making life force energy, orgonite, chi , prana, whatever word you want to use. It was what is called a grassroots operation, just a handful of aware folk working towards making this world a better place using orgonite and other Tools Of Light.
Plasterite or as I like to call it , selenite, is a Tool Of Light if used properly, using the given method. It will create this energyfield making your life and place considerably more pleasant.
The old forum had its high tide around 2010 , that s the time where all grassroots developments took place.
The natural way of making orgonite has been explored by a group of folk who is surely not the “average joe”, these people were just more aware than usual, having the heart at the right place and doing good without demanding money or fame in return asap. Providing us through the work of many indivduals with a Tool Of Light of exceptional strength.
Plasterite is not directly meant for the public, it is not mainstream, it is not “herd mentality”
It is the work of the individual working towards honest valid goals.
it is not meant to do that. Also, there is no money to be made with plasterite, there is no business to it all.
It is a natural safe cheap method of making a device that can help you in so many ways I won t even start on that.
It is big and it is pleasant to work with and experience it validity.
plasterite , the natural method, has proven its worth over and over again.
Despite the incredible disinformation you will come across if you go into the allowed or official orgonite forums.
You will notice the attacks on this free method undoubtedly, you will have to be abled to think for yourself
As the owners of such enterprises see the plasterite as a sort of competition that s why they like to ridicule it over and over again
usually using the infamous “kirlian photograpy” you will see them in every group out there.
Somehow claiming the plasterite has no energy , jadijadija….
or famous arguments like it will stop working after X weeks , or become a “dor collector” a collector of negative energy , whatever excuse will do to keep folk away
works great by the way
most will go along

most folk will fall for that sort of propaganda…without any reasoning or thinking through, that s how most folk are
they will never test it, never go that extra mile to prove or disprove the method or any “unauthorized” method whatsoever
they go with the flow, as they dont like to be outside the group, ridiculed, etc, the safety zone
no matter if right or wrong
they always want to belong..
never thinking for themselves
only a few can do that
as we know by now

so a little warning maybe at place here
IF you go the natural way you will come under attack, big time,
just like talking about chemtrails etc, you will be the “tin foiled hat” so dont try to convert folk
most people around you , as you probably know , are like borgs
dont “threathen” them with truth, they dont want to hear it, I mean it, they dont want to know
dont make it an ego battle
let them stay in their fixed closed mindness
don t bother with that folk
you need a lot of strength mentally if you want to use this method
most people dont have that so all in all we end up with only a few smart folk
that s the bottom line and that s good enough for me
the flat earth people just think the world is flat

So before we go any further, just want to make sure this forum is set up just to

share real information

and so forth…..

that s all there is to it, you can choose where you want to go with it, it is an individual journey once you start taking on
it will not dissapoint you
aware folk with good intentions can get a lot out of it, most wont.

Hope you get something out of it

all the best

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Re: Welcome to your new forum *READ INSIDE*

Postby monsoon » Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:10 am

Cheers from Oz …. look forward to learning and sharing ….
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