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another dazzling post by DustSand…top
it is amazing isnt it
the life pillow concept is wonderful and , nobody goes near it for a million years…
except some healing circles where you can buy very expensive version of it
150 US dollar upwards

but the mix is just a reflection of the construct of this planet
that s why in the past the “rare earths” had to go in, but it you just stick to simpler builds it works just as wel
so instead of “rare earts” we use other earth materials , sea shells, acorn caps, you name it , anything with a good structure or Phi can be used
nice quartz pieces, crystals, etc

the life pillow is , as time goes by, held more under the rug than the plasterite.
really pleasant things, hard to say how to call it , the energy it creates, it is good but naming conventions go overboard with that beauty.
it is for sure life force energy but with a certain extra
it is hard to put it in a sort of definition, like putting the earth in a definition
somehow it does not work that way

but it is a breakthrough and glad you took the opportunity and time to reflect on that in your own way.
A very individualistic way , we sadly see too seldom nowadays.
Yes you have “guts” heheh
it has still a lot in store for us
who knows for what it can be used for
another learning curve
step by step

for the time being I focus on plasterite/selenite/gypsum crystal method mainly
because that is also important to make those defensive canopies all around us
and we see on FB some newcomers start , finally, playing with it , took them a year ….
but some things obviously take time as it involves a new way of thinking leaving old paradigms behind
old systems, old ways

some are very quick but most have to learn it very slowly
as there has been put out a LOT of misinformation about any natural techniques for obvious reasons
there is no money , hardly , to be made of it
but it works like a charm
very powerful
and , like collodial silver, certainly not approved of by the Federal Deception Agency.

good post DS

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Wonderful work Dustand, in gratitude, thanks for your sharing attitude. ;)
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Yes ….cheers from Down Under …..great write up on the Life Pillow.
thanks … great to share techniques and get them out there…
Looks like finally , other folk are having a go …..what a bonus !!!
I did enjoy seeing all those resin life pillow pieces again … as most have gone to new homes….makes me realise how many I’ve made ,,,ha
My only hope is they are being use to the full capacity , …. and not just sitting on a window sill cleaning up EMF
Yep, profound stuff !!!
Latest pieces I’ve made are incorporating Tensor rings as well ….
These really jump up the Bovis count and improve the overall abundance
If I can figure out how to post pictures again , I’ll show and tell
Cheers from Oz