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[Hello everyone!

It’s have been a time already..
But now i make time to put this on!

Have a long to do list in my head and not sync on the Phone on a note app ore something for.. you know who ;)

In the single life pillow photo i put in the the mix:

About 70% Seaweed


30% Crystals/zalt

-Rose Quartz
-Clear Quartz
-Selenite (not from plaster but the crystal)
-Celtic Seasalt
-Death Seasalt

And that’s in that bag.. no seashells added.

In this bag is all the mixes that i created… cut open to make a even better bag.. and lurning in the mean while how to stitch sew one own bag.. not nice enough.. cutting the bag agian.. and 20 time more haha..
I wanted to look at it and when you look and have a: WOW! feeling.. en after a while you look at it and agian: WOW! feeling agian.
That was a keeper bag hahahaha

Polarizer Dustsand1.jpg
Polarizer Dustsand2.jpg
Polarizer Dustsand3.jpg
Polarizer Dustsand3
Polarizer Dustsand 4.jpg
Polarizer Dustsand
Polarizer Dustsand 5.jpg

And in this bag i created with my biotensor stick and measure the amount of Crystals/zalts on 125 g chlorella fine fine pouder
Looked at this ratio in 2 the samer size glases that this was 50% by 50%

In the amazingly (all are amazing) mix:

Seaweed 50%


Crystals/zalt: 50%

-Small piece titanium quartz
-Small piece laser quartz
-Clear quartz
-Rose quartz
-Orange/yellow Calsiet
-Selenite (not from plaster but the crystal)
-Celtic Seasalt
-Death Seasalt

Only that in a bag and put some mutch in the bags that they are hard.
And nog a bag that are soft..

Just want to say this: this is 100% from nature.. no shit put in by factorys ore so.. only the bag it self is not from nature.. man made skyleather (fake leather) personly i think it feels better that real thick leather..
No toxin gasses like resin ore so.. 100% nature and i personly can say!

resin orgone (like many design orgone creators, not the creators that goes for real resin power and no design details build in.. not want to be judgemental or so) cannot beat this pillow!
Amazingly good feel of them!!!!!

My brother from a other mother brother! Feedbacking me:
He feels great!
He feels that he has got more energy and not drained out like before..
He taking lesser pills from the docter
And so on!!

The Life Pillow does so mutch more than that!
Everytime i notice something new.. and later on confirming them.

Im a happy man to play with Life Pillows!!
The power from Mother Earth!! Thanks

Have a good day all!