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Synchronisity , how things fall into play by “divine hand” haha
so to speak….

anyway, did not know I had this perfect leather pouch laying around, just stumbled upon it, as synchronisity is known to do, it just happens.
much better choice, metal is not its first choice, leather feels better. It is not black and white as I tested it all and metal has some virtues too, but ..I would go for the leather
for the kitchen and daily use I prefer MG s superb piece. Very practical for all round use, the leather bag I keep close to me.
Noticed that it is too powerful to sleep on top of it, have to remove it after an hour or so, this is a very strong healing device.
Amazed by its possibilities
really are
so underestimated
shake my head in disbelief over and over again
but like so many other good things coming out of the field of orgonite and other tools of light you will probably never hear about it again in such a straightforward manner
to the point.

took the liberty to apply of monsoons phone buttons to make a “combo” :)
it is of good functionality there as I usually refuse those cell phone, got one of those, somewhere
only on rare occassions that is used

will have visitors soon, from another country, so maybe they are interested in one phone button, who knows
so Monsoon Orgonite will do a gig in Amsterdam soon
the little phone button that could… :) ;)
I do like the outcome of this
very different than forseen

if things turn out right I will buy one bigger piece later on
not to use as life pillow just to hang on the wall as the best life pillow ever this side of heaven
Not by airmail as that is way too expensive from down under…as it is too heavy
Just by ship, may take two months but so what
thanks for the opportunity to test that new devices
as they are completely new to me

well, anyway , hope these pages can contribute to at least get the word out for those who care
the few thinkers out there
and, just like the plasterite , there is a deafening silence in the crowd hahaha
2 + 2 equals four , still, even if facts dont seem to count too much nowadays
for me facts do count and the life pillow is a very strong and pleasant tool of light
and , like the selenite, amazingly simpe and effective
we found ourselves another dorky kid that turns out to be a genius
hold your applaus… :) :D

All these things have a high treshold
for folk to overcome
the old thinking
basically just lack of knowledge
that is not a bad thing
I had no knowledge either , but with an open mind one can go forward and see if it is functional
it is a very uplifting device , how it works
very pleasant, warm , in a way down to earth
plasterite is very powerful , but different, very clear but not too emotional, rather cold , distant, pure spirit, detached, uncompromising
works on different levels, they are different for different purposes.