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Had the time to read your stories properly now, as I am usually busy and all that pay to live stuff…paying taxes…that sort of thing
Nice of you to include recipes , also good of you to do your own thinking in this matter. Very pleasant way of sharing your views :) :D
hehehe…yes…that s what they say over there ” Bam!!Jonguh!!
:) :lol: havent heard that one in a while….MG would say ” pumps” , yes, it sure does
On the old forum there were a handful of folk like you , those who really get it. They just get it and progress with the speed of light, those folk are very rare.
Also very remarkable is you just share what you share the way you do, without adjusting it too much, in a very natural honest way
totally politcally incorrect but absolutely true. :)

For those who dont know yet, the Life Pillow mix containing large amounts of good sea weed does indeed smell of fish or smells like the ocean, that typical smell when you are at the beach
it has the scent of the Ocean
I dont mind but I noticed it is not everybodies favorite ;)
A kilo of sea weed is about 18 Euro or Dollar, that is a fair price
but I will not use sea weed all the time, only when I feel like it
when it “asks me to do so” so to speak
when you get that hunch
that s my take on it
I already used sea weed by the way , long before I went into the LIfe Pillow concept
as I discovered it worked great, there are also some try outs to be read on the plasterite thread 2010 , experiments with sea weed
the life pillow is a harmonizer on a organic level, that s what it does, that s its job
it is in my view the most pleasant technique I have encountered till now, very funny and cute to test and see what happens
stands on its own feet for sure
is not dependant
although combos work great, both plasterite and metal resin
what you call “powdered squit bone” I also used for a long time
It just happened I dont think anyone mentioned it, I just knew it would work
that sort of thing, things from the Ocean, again, things are revealed in that manner once you move further onwards
just like that , this so called synchronisity, takes over more and more and just shows you the way
cannot rationally be explained, that does not mean it doesn”t work though.
so yes I use fossiled sea life, sort of coral or that sort of thing , chalk from the sea a lot.

Like so many “secrets” of plasterite it is easy to figure out if it works but very hard to describe why it works
but results are very obvious when using that sort of materials
make a huge difference
a violin is a violin
but not every violin is a Stradivarius…if you know what I mean
there are differences
both in materials used, techniques but also the level of awareness or righteousness of the maker itself
it all comes together in the end product
the combo I made yesterday is very powerful
goose bump powerful
the best of techniques and intent and materials went in that one, an expensive piece for my means, but worth the effort and payback time has begun as it is hardening and coming into existance
it is not at full speed yet but it is pumping big time and that s just the first of the four engines for the take off
if I had ten CB s in the garden they would simply bow down for the selenite life pillow in admiration :)

Never thought to see a leather pouch , bag again
good of you to make one