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Re: The Life Pillow from Down Under

Stephen, DustSand, just did some simple tests with it, the life pillow, the one I made myself, I was as always very skeptical, sounds just too simple to be true, boy what an eye opener that is
damn…yes, tested it on foods , drinks untill now, only made the pillow couple of hours ago
amazing..truly truly amazing…totally of the board wow…oh was I doubtful on this one
even after two years of plasterite and the rest of it..the life pillow DOES WORK !!! big time :) :) :) :) :)
very easy to test and so I did
hahaha my simple dish does indeed taste like gourmet as you call it
yes…the taste is improved considerably…lucky for me eh ??
I consider myself lucky to have , at least an open mind about things
although the life pillow has been put to the test by a lot of folk that is not good enough for me
must test it myself..I think I start to unravel the importance of this technique
Now I understand why you ( monsoon) were so excited about it
and you too ,Dust Sand, :D
what a winner this is…looking at that life pillow , poor man s version, in a glass box, with amazement
big eyes…I cant believe it…my left brain tries to kick in here know…not a chance…it works
makes me wonder what this thing can do in terms of good work…this time more focused on home use
what a neat little effective tool this is …you can feel that energy or whatever it is tingle in your fingers if you wave over it
not electric like more like a heatwave in a good way coming from it
and I am not so sensitive like others…and even I can feel the tingle ..clearly
:) :) :)
what a thing…I don’t get easily amazed but now I am amazed…it is also very strong, thought if it worked it would be milder, harder to notice but you can clearly notice its effects promptly…It does take away pain I noticed
what a strange thing this is….happy big smile here..I thought DustSand was maybe overreacting a bit ;) , but that s not the case
it is very good and effective……and you too MG , never really figured out all that excitement about the life pillow
that down to earth mixture that works so profoundly.
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You got …. excellent … a particularly strong mix with all those extra gems pieces .
That last photo is spinning up around 600K Bovis , so it’s cranking out life force frequency
That’s the LIfe Pillow for you ….now you’ll be eating like a gourmet ………
Oh , and big bonus for purifying / charging your water in selenite creations
Cheering for having a go …,,, even better sharing technique to show others ……bloody ripper !!!!

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DustSand…….chlorella eh ? ,,,Now that’s an interesting one.

Josh did say he’d trialled several other formulas…..apparently Native American tobacco , and some sort of pines worked OK …
He suggested checking the local indigenous folk to find there strongest bush medicines to trial
So chlorella sounds like a goer too,,,,love to view a photo of your bag .full
Yep , keeping it simple does work

Great share ….cheers