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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:15 pm
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Yes we will do a little ” healing session” why not, let s rock
around 15:00 hrs my time that is 14:00 hrs in Ireland, one hour to go haha
we will see
sending some good vibes over, doing some connecting
we can do this once in a while
does not have to be each week heheh

How can we describe this topic

….. but also to just mention an end to chemtrails, geo-engineering, a return to blue skies and a healthy environment…..

Affirmation group haha yeah
why not
good thought

how did you find 96 people ?
ok job well done, as usual




Early Irish Myths and Sagas .jpg

iarraidh eagna agus neart agus soiléire smaoinimh
iarraidh feasacht fíor aon dul le bhfuinneamh timpeall orainn a fheicimid agus nach féidir a fheiceáil
maithiúnas, glacadh, ag obair i dtreo an tsolais
riamh a thabhairt suas
tá muid níos láidre ná a deir siad
Is breá liom seo
spéir gorm do gach duine

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:34 pm
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Love your photos, your cement-laden strong tetras, your beautiful white cone and your Affirmation ‘As Gaeilge’ go raibh mile maith agat.

 Post subject: Re: THE IRISH TOPIC
PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:29 am
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go raibh maith agat freisin
this connection, affirmation, what s in a name, was a very good experience
it s a long story but a good one
it was very interesting to put it that way
can go very deep into this, healing stuff , but it s not for everyone maybe
but in short , it worked
we may do such things again
very nice experience
total tranquility and focus

better than expected
you know talking about this energy stuff is like talking about a violine
it simply does not work that way heheh
one simply has to practice and practice and after that , more practice
to become good at it
no shortcuts

I did peek into the memberlist there and yes they are all there
the few good ones hehehe
really so , not many of those around
not too many no
Lady Kathryn from New Zealand is a special good person
again, keep her close
Ray and Eric haha, unbeatable
totally out of the loop or maybe in the right loop hehehe
yes, top players you put in there , Tony too, and many more
again it was a very strong experience I had today during the manifestation
aka energy-work for again lack of a better word
so it does work, the method, a bit fancy but…something to hold on to.

This big agenda for the future, you know, done some thinking
well, you see, as most folk dont even see the spraying I mean you know….
go figure…how can we expect them to catch on to a much more clever agenda, way more covertly playing out as ” climate change” or ” sustainability” and that utter rubbish.
The majority of folk will always do as their told, accept their brainwash and nudging
we have to live with that
It does make me wonder
how few of us are actually around
those who slice through all agendas or at least most of them
as there are so many now it s hard to keep record…
while most of those who call themselves awakened are basically just upgraded sheeple
that s all their are, playing into a designed agenda
for those that escape the basic programming they always got another net ready
to sift those out

one way or another it soon will be flogging time
big time ah the biggest con ever
the ultimate one
as it ties in with other agendas
oh they are good
but not that good
but most fall for it
one way or another
one deception after another
most are caught up in in it
and boy dont you tell them , they dont like that
real truth is almost unbearable
most people avoid pain and seek pleasure
we are all forced at some level to participate in the con
as they never really leave too many backdoors
a few maybe
to find
at least in the old days you could at least if you d wanted to go into the wild
a rough life but at least you had a lot of freedom
we almost if not already covertly live in a police state structure
this super governance global nonsense the paid puppets of politics, another scam, push down our throats, democracy what is that
we are left out of all happenings or decision making
we obviously dont count
as they carve up the world to their needs , not to ours
it s always in their favor
well, you saw them during the marches in Dublin
they beg for it

but enough of that sheeple nwo crap

let s go energy here , life force energy
big time

the new models talk in a sort of plasterite dialect
hard to understand them at this point but feel good

as these are for personal use
they will stay
so will be the last ones
future stuff will be mainly gifting
yes pleased
unhooked the BSB s otherwise even I go nuts here
by the power
now it is ok , still dazzling but in good order
the big one, the large sort of tetra is an accident or you know
put remaining stuff in a cardboard box in a bucket
came out quite alright
it is not bad , just a different flavor of the energy we already knew
but cheering as I agree with it
still learning
did ask for some events during the session
ah we dont have to do this every week J
once in a while but…if you want to ..please do as you please
that s ok
the new pieces are huge but recycled medium cones in them so ..wasnt that hard you see
very heavy now, still, with the water, heavier than a full bag of plaster , that s 25 kg
so must be 30 or 35 kilo each
but after a while will be around 20 kg

what did I put in?
Everything I could find
thank god the dog made an escape there
all my last reserves , one bottle of goodies
crystals , everything, my last rose quartz
pinecones, old energy pieces, the energy stew

lots of sea shells too
they wont be handled in any way just leave them as they are
as simple as that