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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:08 am
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Job well done Jenn, appreciated
but I did think about it and after some weighing left and right decide to let this candle go me by
Doing a little recapitulation here, sorting things out , deep delving here
that s ok , but honestly I am not in the right atmosphere to do an affirmation at this time, at least not yet
will look into it hopefully but not now, now is not the time for me to do that
it is not so my style
Tossing with ideas but I must say Tony has given so much to delve into it is maybe best if folk read that again and make up their own mind, you see
it is the best way to go if folk interested do their own ” healing session” so to speak
We dont have to keep reinventing the wheel
And Tony s wheels can take us a long way
So I will not gloss over his words and bring them up again as a starting point for those who want to go there

Re: New mix for Orgonite
by josh »I will share with you what I feel and believe deeply, it is a bit off the common path but that is the way it is , I believe with all my being that all is alive with a large degree of consciousness and has the right to ask for the greatest degree of respect, and as I walk among the trees, the grass, the clouds, the winged people, the four legged, the creepy crawlies I have no problem what ever to behave toward them as if they were my close relatives, because they are, they are my relations, the grand fathers the rocks, the water, the air, the earth I walk on, all of them are wonderful friends of mine, and I do not want it any other way.

I am never alone
So for your pipe stone dust, it is your relative as well, speak to it and ask what is the best for her, will she accept to help in this way, or would she rather be in a medicine pouch,…..listen, she is conscious, and as you give this closeness, this intimate feeling to ALL that surrounds you: you will feel so elated, there is not one moment where you will not know that you are with your close family


I do like very much your interest and energy in this whole matter
it is very worthwhile , but just playing with ideas here , after a few affirmations we have done now, people will have an idea of how it goes, thus maybe it is better if the individual decides what his or her
particular topic of energy focuss will be, for themselves, as to be honest, I never use any other affirmations given by others, I always design my own affirmations, my own intents, independently of anyone else, as that s maybe the best way to do it after one starts up , at first some help can be needed but after that the bird has to fly by itself in freedom
unguided uncontrolled, it may bump into a tree once every blue moon, but still that is the only true way to go forward with it
basically meaning, the only real change can come out of ourselves by our own works
Still , nevertheless, it is a good objective to do as what s being done, namely showing people objectives to work on , etc.
Fine with me but it is not necesarrily for me to.

my breakthrough happened once I learned to accept the aspect of consciousness in the greater sense and I am not talking about David Icke Russel Brand ” infinite consciousness ” hoopla
no, talking about the real thing
It would be very dorky of me to say how I do those intentions / affirmation, just know the consciousness thing is a real thing, it has just also been taken over by the new age to bring us into this utopia the elite keep jabbing about
in other words, real healing is sort of hijacked what they always do with all truths by the way, and than manipulated and guided into an agenda
essential parts are always taken out of course
those that can truly help us
I never wanted or thought to go hundred miles with this energy stuff
I just wanted blue sky
that s all I wanted
the rest is of secondairy importance to me
but I got much much more than I bargained for as they say
the one page starts growing into a book
by itself
Also must learn , sometimes, to keep some parts of truth, to myself
To learn to dose it more
or just keep it to myself
truth is usually not the easiest thing to handle
as we are all , no exceptions, somehow in some way infected by this system what I call control grid
nobody is imune for it, some just have higher walls of defence
Once you realise there is a sort of awareness there, with the plasterite, that s the start
thats all I have to say to it
once you cross that bridge and actually handle the environement that way
with the ” energywork” for lack of a better word, we do, well, that s a sort of acceptance
an inner change one could say
once you break that door down that holds us in a rigid belief system you are on your way out
it is not a sort of escapism the way the new age sort of poisons it with
it is real
it is out there
and if you go through the information Jacques has given us I can garantee it is all there
it is all in there
all you ever need to know to get started and find your own way
there are not shortcuts
no easy way out
but real healing is real
like real spirituality is real
all those things have been hijacked by the system
plasterite is a conscious energy source for the healer to be used for good purposes
all in one sentence

Besides in my expectation, Tony has more experience with things like working with people, maybe best to ask him to work on a good objective for those interested to be used as a focus point.
Also thinking about how things work out on a larger level and maybe I do agree that it is best the way it goes
as plasterite was never and will never be intended to be of general use for the public
therefor do not feel bad about it, those who are fit for it will jump on it, maybe that is the way it goes
maybe that is a good way
Those who are ready for it, will come to it
and that s the natural order of things
our numbers may seem small but personally I could not give a hood about such sort of statistics
It does not mean anything to me what Jane and John are doing , you know
most folk want to belong want to conform want to be member of big groups, etc
those folk , the majority, well no…
it is all meant for those ” oddballs” like we , who grasp a sprak of something amazing that s there
and we use the selenite way to get in touch with it
in an individual way
Besides the selenite way I have tested , but not reported, other methods, they do work to some extent , some are strong, but no method tested has the strenght of the selenite
the clarity, the purity, the harshness and directness of showing reality for what it is and also helping the searcher of truth to more easily open the door
you could call it doors of perception
in a way that is true

Josh showed us a real path, it is not an easy path, luckily most ignore it like they are completely out of balance and knowledge
that is , in a way , good, as strange as that may sound, as therefor the plasterite still has managed to survive
it has not been hijacked and will not be hijacked
it will always be under attack and again could not care less
it s all behind me now
it truly is
later on you discover the whole truth movement is a joke, there is no truth movement , it s all controlled , in the pocket
all on the payroll or whatever
the only real impact I see is through the average oddballs like us , doing real change, or at least honest work
folk like Terry and Max etc
those characters
and between you and me, give Terry a big cone to put in his garden somewhere during spring as the weather clears up
around april or something
he will see the effects
he wont call it ” hippie dippie” anymore qsdfqsd

the last thing is to say all those awareness days you lot do are worthless
they are for sure not
there are a lot of things in the game here
dont underestimate the effect
in a way , so to speak, plasterite, the way I use it , is using the spiritual healing aspect of it all in tandem with the tomahawk
success guaranteed 8020

today I looked into Max Igan
as he is the founder of this crowhouse thing
the australian guy
talks with that funny accent and yes I think he is for real
could not find too much crap in his work
yes he has a tendency to talk a lot about ” energy stuff” you know, I am not too cosy with that, although there is some truth in it
but he does good exposes and such
he is older and has some wisdom
wont hurt to look into his talks etc
it is also true he does not just talk he gives his own reality too, of how things are
he is honest in that sense
with topics like geo engineering he really goes wild, still
he is very much in touch with the balance thing and again there is a lot of good truths in his work
he is on the ball
a good shaman lives in two worls, not in one or the other
he lives in both worlds
or more worlds but he always balances energy so important in times we are completely flooded with so much shite
it is unbelievable
just keeping a sane mind nowadays is a real challenge
just that
so a good ” medicine man” for lack of a better word, cares for his tools of light, his knowledge and experiences and sharing
the ” spirits” for lack of a better word, but while sitting at his or her camp fire always keep a tomahawk very close
otherwise the medice man or woman wont last too long in the wilderness
most people will not make it in this reality above facebook level that s the way it is
maybe that s the way it always has been and always will be
found a good discussion on that on the max igan forum
this crowhouse forum
about how things really are, as we all know, by now , how hard it is
out there
the why s and where fors
and why it is so hard to really change or influence something
as there are so many things at play at the same time
really interesting material
going deeper than the silly FB level

The only remark I have on Max Igan is he pushes the zionist hoopla
sad but true
long story wont go into that
it is complicated and most would not have an idea what it s all about
just like the Dane Wigginton thing
most dont even have a clue how deep it all goes
but in general yes a wise man I d say

Did collect some clips of him on several topics , also orgonite related topics LOL
yes folks we are an orgonite forum LOL LOL 33 heheheh
he does a nice talk there about its effects
interesting for newcomers maybe
would be great for folk like him to play with bigger toys but …
that s another story….

Or maybe let Aine do it
let her play with the thought and see what comes up to share with the group
I do love those things Jenn
never thought I would

Although this is just one of the few remaining outposts left, there are really not too many of those, most are long infiltrated , overrun by the system
in many ways
won t go into that now
might hurt some feelings 8005

besides from not being owned by the system and that in itself means a lot these days
spouting some agenda one way or another
we just try to focus on truths, you know, solutions in a way
for the individual to keep hold on their sanity in this age of deception and confusion
making the individual , the truth seaker, the genuine ones, not the Alex Jones types…, stronger in balance
not by silly endless nwo fear mongering, all the crap you ve heard before and that is just one part of the story
there is more in this life than the eye can see
there is real stuff out there
one way or another the system will not back off
what also is of importance working with natural life force energy methods is you are actually doing something real
you are out there doing something real
also in the physical realm
big time



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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:40 pm
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Have to be short because on phone. We will go with Aine’s lovely affirmation tomorrow.

Terry L already has a big cone I gave him months ago. Will write more when I get to my laptop.