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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 1:44 am
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Looking forward to you writing a few lines of affirmation, hope you can, it doesn’t need to be earth shattering, just heartfelt. If it doesn’t flow for you we will go back to Aine’s again.
Saw your post in ‘Personal Opinions’ watching the video about Alex Jones, it seems as though it’s impossible to believe anyone these days. I’m astonished that people I know that I’d consider fairly bright are seriously discussing the Flat Earth theory, and watching videos that try to support the theory. I’m afraid I’m inclined to laugh at them, and ask them is the earth therefore balancing on top of a very large tortoise as was believed at some stage As I said somewhere else a while ago, poor old Galileo must be turning in his grave. 8004

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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:48 pm
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ah…I see you are still in the ” religious phase” oohaaa… hehehe
best to jump over that stage and you know, just deal with facts, facts can be boring but there is more
later on, the same as with the orgonite work, for newcomers might seem a bit dorky or so, it has had its cover of new agy flavor tossed over it, that s all by design, it has nothing to do with an agenda.
At least the natural way for sure hasnt
Just agenda s Jenn
Just that
that rules the show around us
There are none of those big names that are really on our side
That s just the way it is
Would they allow all those AJ types to prattle about this and that on their networks
It s all a laugh at us that s what it is , lots of money in it too.
Basically it s all a joke , a show, entertainment
It s usually fantasy and BS hand in hand with Fear, the greatest controller
Always fear that handicaps folk to think straight and naturally
One way or another they , those jokers who nowadays are even on TV , just the thought…like Jesse Ventura and a whole bunch of them
they all know each other you know
they all know each other
part of the controlled opposition club
that s all it is
just techniques they know work on the public
to control them, so they dont start doing something useful
or even worse, start to think for themselves
that s the biggest fear they have
once you truly start thinking for yourself, which is not so easy as it sounds
due to massive propaganda galore, you can gradually slip through the mazes of deception
it can be done if one really wants to
but you wont make too many friends
and besides it is a personal journey, your own path
nobody else s
it does not matter
I would not want to have it any other way
it is not for the average Joe or Jane
even in native communities most folk dont want to go there
that s just the way it is , for many reasons
all has a price and a reward in many forms
it s a long story and maybe not for now
but I can assure all one needs to know Jacques mentioned
all of it
gradually one will find out
there is a total lack of crap in his words
as pure as can be
after years I start to understand him and some others
how it really connects and works out
and funny enough, like one time Juliet said something about connection of orgonite / life force energy pieces , something
just a sentence whoops out of the blue
you know
but it has to come from the heart not the mind
I often thought it was far fetched or ” mysterious”
well it is real but it takes time to experience , to find out, some mistakes some successes etc
and than it suddenly clicks …and later on again…and the clicking starts to go faster
learning to walk again
for real
it is a growing process, endless
there is a lot to say about him and some others too
Stephen called it his sharing and caring nature
that made him stand out
yes I do agree, that s one of the most remarkable aspects of his legacy
it s not just that
it is also a good example of going your own journey through life
against the maelstroms around us trying to grab us in many ways
showing you can work towards the benefit of all and do a lot of experience and all sorts of encounters on your individual way
but still working in a connection to others
the plasterite or any other method of this energy we use, is just that, a method, a technique, very diverse in application
it is not a dogma
After he came up with much more advanced methods, read, simple but even more effective ways, saw a lot of other folk start to look into that also
I wont mention names but a lot of folk start to work with those techniques too
simply because they are better in many ways
skipping this that and the other
I wont talk too much about the ” resin club” as that’s a different story…
and believe you me you don’t want to hear my opinion on that ..well…whatever..;

If folk like Schauberger, Reich, and others had been granted the opportunity to experiment further and further etc
they would have come up with many more methods we could use, etc, as not all their work is revealed
and we all know things happened once the control grid had enough of it
we are always kept in the dark of real things that drive us forward
it is just owning it to a few individuals who do the right thing we even have what we have
also the belief in ourselves

hahaha…yeah..another joke of the system to tease us
this hocus pocus they dish out, flat earth oh boy
middle earth, hollow earth, flat earth, global cooling, ice age, warming, doesnt work out, ok climate change
it s either bollocks or it is manipulated, staged, controlled, etc
when I woke up as they say you know, we all had our dose of Icky
his reptile hoopla jadija
and we were all too naive and such
and they lure you into that crap
moon spaceships all bollocks but done in a awesome format
you just roll in, without thinking , we just lap it up
this one per cent rat poison
unknowingly usually

that was in my pre orgonite days
so after a while I talked to a also aware woman and she listened to me
the moment I went about ” aliens” green lizzards from outer space she looked at me
and she said something along these lines

sss.gif [ 388.73 KiB | Viewed 245 times ]

and than it sort of imploded in me and I thought, oh shit , I ve been had LOL

than I started to unravel the whole thing
it s just a con game
very deceptive , lots of truths mixed in but one way or another it defuses us
renders us harmless

have to do other things now

will look into the affirmation etc


will do

all the best
enjoy your cake and brandy


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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:19 pm
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I’d like to wish all Selenite warriors a happy Christmas and a combative New Year.
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