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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:05 pm
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heheheh, outstanding, I d say utterly sexy orgonite, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
damn she is good….she is good
But I was already convinced since we saw her life pillows, those incredible polarizers
Why she is so insecure , ah help her out Jenn…help her out
and so versatile….she has shown a lot in a short time span
As long as folk are honest and truthful I dont care what they use at all
As long as they strive towards honest goals they should use all tools of light they want
But we are aware there are other forces at play too in communities
controlling and pushing things, we are not part of that nor will take part in that
Besides my opinion on those forces is clear enough by now so we dont have to touch on that again
Have been rather blunt on that topic with good reason to avoid misunderstandings

And you know what, it does not matter, free methods can never be pushed out of the realm of possibilities of the searchers for truth.
Just wont happen, it is here to stay, regardless how much force and deception is used to crush it.
It wont happen.As you see we are still around so you see it wont happen as those special ones who trust their gut feeling, their inner knowledge will always
come to this one way or another, it cant be stopped

As I am on my monomyth now I tend to be more silent
more in the background
trying to get more distance from the forum or such things
also so much has already been saved from the ” memory hole” as I call it
that s bacially good enough and if new thoughts come in I do hop on it asap
that s great
love it
very grateful for Tony s contributions here
Also nice to see or know I am on the right way with things even though I myself did not have any help, guidance or whatever
most of the materials, thoughs, ideas came in by intuition, a special sort of knowing developes with the plasterite
have seen that happen a lot with very aware folk who start dealing with it
they come up with amazing stuff out of the blue
by themselves often
it just happens
seen it so many times
For example Jacques was right with the way the life pillows can ben made and how they can change even by just slightly changing the quantities or materials used, funny enough DustSand did beat me on that one, he was faster than me
but we both love to play with that
it is so amazing
I went onto the road of truth only having Jacques information and thoughts , that s all there is to it
and most things , some years ago, I had to find out for myself
If you want to be a good violin player you have to practice a lot
the same applies to the life force energy area
you have to go that extra mile and , after that, go another three
than results come in

We know things are not exactly rosy out there
we know that
but there are so many more view on the totality of the matter that we need all input to balance it all out
at least we are not stuck in a ” pigeonhole” here
that s maybe one of the most important things
we see too much of that
that we luckily dont see here
all sorts of views and ideas are thrown on the deck here to deal with and make good use of
I do support your work too Jenn, the Irish awareness , does that mean I jump on any bandwagon, no I will never jump on anything LOL
you know what I mean
it is good work and it should be continued even if those real movements are coming under more stress nowadays as we see all around us
only ” authorised” big controlled movements , those with strings to the top, are allowed
so in that light your work is becoming even more important I think
before the whole truth movement sings from the carbon credit worship agenda
Have to smile a lot when I think of Lady Crystal, you know her
such perfection
just one line that says it all
she is natural and untamed
she is very intense too
certainly not ” socialized” yet
hope she keeps that fire 33
you have a gorgeous bunch around you Jenn, you are a very rich person
you are, we envy you 33
you truly are

Thanks to Murielle for sharing

12243583_10153366654678212_4349155561541767909_n.png [ 910.67 KiB | Viewed 214 times ]

I feel the bite I feel the beat I see the dancing feet
I feel the light I feel the heat I see the new elite
I see the final floorshow I see the western dream
I see the faces glow and I see the bodies steam

See them shimmy see them go
See their painted faces glow
Slow slow quick quick slow
See those pagans go go go go go

Why, this is the floorshow the last ideal
It’s populist got mass appeal
The old religion redefined
For the facile futile totally blind
For the totally blind

Mundane by day inane at night
Pagan playing in the flashing light
In the violet hour to the violent sound
Going round and around and around and around and around
The bodies and the naked on the low damp ground
In the violet hour to the violet sound
And the darkness the blinding the eyes that shine
And the voices singing line on line

See them shimmy see them go
See their painted faces glow
Slow slow quick quick slow
See those pagans go go go go go

-A chat to an Irish Senator about Climate Engineering - - YouTube - Int.jpg
-A chat to an Irish Senator about Climate Engineering – – YouTube – Int.jpg [ 39.56 KiB | Viewed 214 times ]

 Post subject: Re: THE IRISH TOPIC
PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:41 pm
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Remember beautiful Jenn without you this could all never have happened.
Keep that in mind
We would all be …lose cannons….shooting at the stars
with some effect for sure
but you do have this talent of dealing with different types of folk
so they interact
exchange knowledge and views
bundly the energy so to say
get brighter and better
we thank you for that Jenn
one way or another we have to make the best of this
I wont bow my head
wont happen
It just wont happen
to any force that once to take over the world
for ” the greater good”
We have to fight this all with love
and purity
from the heart
not by ignorance of the dark
but by working with it in a way stablilzing it
like the Cherokee story
the white and the black wolf

one of many attributes of selenit is it make you know yourself very clearly
know thyself
so important
the biggest enemy we face we see every day in the mirror