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Post Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:54 pm
‘Like’ 🙂 It’s great how information is still passing to and from, learning curves, no ‘full stops’ saying that’s it, that’s all there is. It’s wonderful to be in the middle of it.
A follow up comment to Eric’s note from my colleague M:
‘Eric – the counterfrequency intent – through the lens of Homeopathic methodology – isn’t necessarily something you’d want to apply to all situations. Blanket invoking an oppositional duality would carry a handle with care sticker for me, at least, I’d be curious to hear your view.
One of the issues with the Warrior Matrix culture of Orgonite gifters is all the military speak – whereas the task at hand is healing, not war.’
Comment from Eric: I havnt ran into an issue yet, but with the selenite, always follow your first gut reaction….its pretty much the selenite telling you how it wants its body made 🙂
My comment: F..k the Geo-Engineering 😈 😈

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Post Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:49 pm
That is true, the main focus is love.
As simple and pure as that.
But, as we are humans, other emotions, motives, etc are always involved for the good or for the not so good.
There are those who turn the other cheek and put their heads in the sand
when your head is in the sand your back part stick up to be kicked even more…
and there are those who follow the eye for an eye method.
The best thing to do is to stay in balance , the white and black wolf story , again.
To learn to deal with both sides inside us, the two powers, of light and darkness and keep them in check so to speak.
Not ignoring one of them as so often happens, either by turning the other cheeck and ignore the evil for what it is or go into full non stop uncompromising warrior mode thereby destroying what s left of the white wolf in the process.M does make a good point nevertheless
we are, as stated in the warrior matrix hoopla, lured into a dualistic mode, which they like a lot
to kick us even more and the only way to really advance is to step out of the vicious circle so to speak
the ” programming” , that is a fact
Yes, I do learn sometimes, like the method Eric uses, silly me, really so obvious, but I missed it.
Well I did that with great intent and today there were no choppers hahaha…ah well..time will tell.
The first day without helicopters.
hmm…has to be followed up.
well it is followed up, unfortunately still got two helicopters, daily
used to that, anyway, I will try harder
maybe I am still soaked in my ” warrior mode ” too much heheeh
besides they harrass us for years so we got used to it
it does not bother me much honestly
those days are long over
would be best if I gift broadcasters but there are not many aware souls around here to gift them to
love that phrase, the selenite is telling you what it wants, yes , true, it does.
thanks for the comments