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Hi Jenny
Ya ! The fast stirring got me too.
About the Skimcoat plaster ,its just another name for plastering.
Several different types are used, veneer mostly for the so called Skimcoat which is just the last smooth finishing coat.
From what I found so far plaster of paris is a softer type and veneer is a lot harder more durable.
As far as whats best ??? Sounds like Jenny found a winner whatever it is.


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Good things happen when surrounded by selenite energy:

A couple of days ago three cute little girls aged 5, 4, and 3 knocked at my door just around the time I was pouring selenite at the back – we had a little chat (as you do) the youngest one talking about seeing dragons in the clouds. Then a discussion on bloodsuckers ‘they get into your body and suck ALL the blood out of it’ I said ‘no they don’t’ ‘Oh yes they do’ :) . ‘What are you doing Jennifer? I said I’m mixing something. ‘Are you making a cake?’ No, I said ‘something different’ ‘Is it a potion? ‘Yes, I said, I’m trying to make the sky blue. Off they went, not seeming a bit surprised.


Then last evening the cute little girls knocked on my door again. I asked them why they were knocking, they said ‘because we like you’ I went and got them some hearts I’d painted pink, told them it was to make them feel better. They were delighted. This morning in my letterbox there were three sweet little thank you ‘cards’ so touching.
One of the mums was outside, she said her daughter was thrilled with it, had her heart in a prominent position in her bedroom. Children are so sensitve. When I get a tiny bit of free time (and get my replacement moulds) I’ll bring them in and let them make them themselves – good idea? Get the kids on the block ‘gifting’, spreading positivity, has to be good – and fun for them too. The mum likes the idea btw. :D

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PS good story Jenn
really good
dont worry wont make it to TV …
nice of you to share
as we dont hear too many of those experiences
but I know they are enough of them
thanks for sharing