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strange clouds too..or energies..anyway something is going on here :)
have seen them before when I turned the second bsb on
but this is “just” a big cone
pure and straightforward obviously high impact

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Hi Sunflower
Boy ! Sure are one busy guy. Nice to see the Gal’s in Ireland giving their best.
Can you explain whats this skim coat you talk about?
Isn’t the sacks of plaster you show in pic’s same as plaster of Paris ?
I never heard it talked about before?
Thank you for all you do!
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Hi Gifter, just found out that Skimcoat is what this sort of plaster is called here, also Hard Wall Plaster, used for…. not sure – probably skimming walls. Different quality to the Fine Casting Plaster I’ve been using, and slightly cheaper. Grey colored result as opposed to creamy coloured.
Just finished pouring about 14 kgs, into bottles, containers, ready for an attack on the town next to us. Heard the door bell ringing, 3 little girls aged 5, 4 and 2. We had a lovely chat about dragons in the sky, bloodsuckers (they get inside your body and suck ALL the blood out) I said no they don’t, they said yes they do. They said are you baking a cake, I said no I’m mixing something else, ‘Is it a potion’ says Sarah? I say, yes. Cuteness overload :|
You should have been arrested for removing all that sand Sunflower, I’m sure it’s against the law :-) We’re lucky we’ve no helicopters here. Great work as always.