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Hey I love the big heart
its gorgeous
what do you say “they dont all like ” ??
who doesnt ????….     …Great work Vicky….Thanks for sharing
On a side note, I see you used a lot of good ingredients, like Nori, a sea weed, etc, etc
good salt, good sand, even some other interesting materials.Well, if you cant find one , a cone abandoned somewhere, just use a thicker plastic sheet, I do it often now, like one meter by a meter, about three foot, and curl it up so you get that conical shape, tape it up, and you have a big ice cone thing and you can fill it up with the mix.
Actually you can decide how the shape will be by manipulating the sheet, works great…but use enough tape and make sure it is sturdy plastic, the hard to bend type or you ll have to do a serious cleanup.

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Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:13 pm

I am loving all the photos   Here are my 1st four all painted up and ready to be gifted to The Peoples Support Center in Wexford   I so enjoyed painting them, listening to music, really chilled experience.


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Really totally astonished, really am, open mouth here, big wow, zero to hundred in five seconds eh Juliet, wow
you do really great, all of you, it not just flattens the chemtrailing to a large area, that s the obvious part of it, it also has so much more to offer
in so many ways, as I do all experimentation myself it takes some time to get through it all but at least my results do have a solid base , you progress much faster
and bring it into this world with great success and gratitude. Lot of intentions went into those beautiful pieces, they are strong, very strong, hard to believe you just made them like that hahah……
Serious punchers with a lot of love in it, obvious, you even finished them with attention to it, nice of you to do so, at my workplace there was a total white out due to the geo engineering , just a nice word of dumping toxins on us, all for the greater good you see….pffff
but in my city the sylphs kept dancing and the sky is nice again here, really powerful method it is , the natural way
and so easy to make , save, cheap, funny and artistic can be yes, and the biggest thing is the gifting once you get hooked on that there is no stopping hahaha
the good energy or life force energy works in many ways, also knocks out the radiation we are soaked in nowadays, plasterite does achieve that just as well
I did not know that as a few years ago there hardly was much information on such topics, like using it to neutralize the cell towers and other sources that are not so good for us to put it mildly. It works great, even in small quantities.

The things I see here are so powerful
the cone itself would be more than enough for that task
if you can get it close to the center
thank you