UNREAD_POST Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:33 pm


Yo Jenn and mob!! :shock: :D :D , been very busy this weekend, tons of goodies, skies so blue it is threathening :)
unbelievable but true…made some special things, some large 70 pound cones, tons of gifting stuff, plasterite hearts
helicopters almost bump into eachother here..ha..crazy …but again just saying as it is…Using the Josh method now, purity and strenght and yes I dont know why , but it is very powerful
as for most it is hard to leave crystals out and other things, nah…just use that formula, put mucho intention in it..so important, connect with that thing and blast energy like you can t imagine
all day long chemtrailing, jadija.. at least five helicopters, could be coincidence, but two I am sure as the circled the area heheheh…this hunt mode they love to put onto little slaves like the 99 per cent…
this german sheppard thing, never really worked for me so screw them.
As I had too many pics, made two little movies where it is all in , cannot start posting two hundred pics you know
Also made life force energy sea shells, yep, it is all very strong…I am so proud of you girls, and some guys too, doing something that pushes the beast back in its cage.
Juliet , you will be really good at it, you “smell the wind” as they say..remember , this natural method was never meant for the public…it is not a gimmick or a basic tool
it is an advancement and in the right hands it is unbelievably powerful..Using plasterite against a cell tower is like using a battle tank to knock out a bird or something
I believe nothing so do all testing myself…so at least I know what I am talking about…unlike most of the orgonite clubs around who just parrot and have not a clue what s really going on
Voila…Do your field work , testings, will take some time and effort, dont think you know all there is to know
there are many doors there..you will maybe see..I hope so..but blue skies first so focuss on that please, thank you very much
and continue the awareness movement, it is of high importance…the moment you boys and girls dissappear from the streets we are in trouble…Use all solutions to the max
thanks for being here